DR Congo 'repulses' TV, airport and army base attacks

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    DR Congo 'repulses' TV, airport and army base attacks

    he Democratic Republic of Congo's army has repulsed several attacks in the capital, Kinshasa, by a "terrorist group", the government has said.

    The state TV headquarters, the international airport and a military base in the city were all targeted.

    Religious leader Paul Joseph Mukungubila told the BBC his followers carried out the raids.

    Information Minister Lambert Mende said the situation was now under control and about 46 attackers had been killed.

    Meanwhile, the army has also clashed with unknown gunmen on the outskirts of Lubumbashi, according to a military spokesman.

    He some of the attackers in Lubumbashi, the main city of DR Congo's southern mineral-rich Katanga province, had been arrested.

    President Joseph Kabila, who won his second term in office two years ago, is touring Katanga but was not under any threat, Mr Mende told the BBC.

    BBC News - DR Congo 'repulses' TV, airport and army base attacks

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