Does secularism equal anti-intellectualism?

Discussion in 'Religion & Culture' started by chase, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Secularism as followed in India means that all religions and ideologies no matter how perverted or old are sanctimonious and above criticism.

    But my question is how can such perverted ideologies which allow man to marry 4 wives,give her divorce by sending 'talaq' as SMS,gender oppression,burkha,caste oppression(reservations) etc can be given legal status in a country which claims to be modern and secular?

    We are all taught in school and at home that we should respect all religions and that hinduism basic tenet is to respect other religion equally.

    My question is that when Shankracharya himself doesn't respected every ideology equally then why should we? He went all over Iddia debating with pundits and contradicting their philosophy. The peaceful Buddha himself left no argument unturned to show the corrupt brahmin philosophy of his time. They all called spade a spade!

    Then why do we,the inheritors of these great people and philosophy are taught to accept all ideologies blindfolded? India has a history of purva-paksha or putting different ideologies in the light of rationalism and analyzing it logically.

    I think that since we have forgotten our own rational culture, India has become a land of bigots and intellectual slaves. Our slavery can be just comprehended by the simple fact that so many stupid Indians(pardon my arrogance) continue to elect Congress even after 65 years of shameless and open looting.
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    Please cite relevant facts/arguments/sources to support this assertion.


    Let me twist this another way,
    You run a business with another friend, for every loss-making transaction, you will punch each other on the nose and break your cellphone, and for every profit-making transaction you will go to a nightclub and order the most expensivee drinks on the menu, far exceeding your profit.

    Now in a modern and secular country can such an idiotic conduct be allowed ?

    Why should Government care what social contract two people are signing as long as they are doing so out of their own will as long as its within the law or not against the law ? (I use the word law not in the literal sense)

    That is political correctness. And its a good thing that Indian parents and schools teach common courtesy and respect. It is not imperative for you to respect any belief.
    I don't know whether you are ruing your school, family and friends were polite and not rude imbeciles ?


    How is this relevant ?

    Freedom of Speech is guaranteed in the constitution, the right to offend is implicit. Whatever happens to you after you exercise is not guaranteed, though.

    Completely different topic with no relation to the arguments you made, am fraid.

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