Does India support the aspirations of the Madhesi people of Terai?

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by RajputPride, Aug 30, 2016.

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    The Madhesi people of Southern Nepal are culturally closer to UP/Biharis as opposed to the Mongoloid Nepalis of the hill areas. The region they inhabit was part of India until the British gifted it to Nepal as thanks for helping quell the 1857 rebellion:

    The Madhesi people are discriminated against and referred to derogatorily as "dhoti" by the hill people and have had many of there rights curtailed by the Nepali constitution. Many armed groups have sprung up in defence of the Terai people including the "Terai Tigers", "Terai Virus" and the largest of them, JTTM:

    40% of Biharis have relatives in Madhesh/Terai and they speak Indian languages like Awadhi, Maithili and Bhojpuri. It is in India's interest to annex this region from Nepal as it was never there's to begin with. One of the regions for the BJP's failure in Bihar was the failure to assist the Madhesis during the Madhesh Andolan of 2015. Further passivity by the government could lead to wide discontent in UP and Bihar.

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    Well i know many Nepalis and some of the Kirat people are Anti-India,because it was fed to them as propaganda by Maoists that India is meddling in Nepal.You cannot blame them as that was what was fed to them by Maoists since their childhood.

    Most of the madhesis would love India's support.But then again we need to see that Pakistan and China doesn't take advantage in a argument between Sanatana Dharmic nations.
    Most of the Nepalis don't have a idea of how we think about them,when i clarified to them,that we are like brothers in the same Sanatana Dharma family.They became more amicable.
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    It's seems in poor taste to try to reclaim land like this from a small friendly nation. The best thing IndiA can do is advocate for freedom and equality in all neighboring countries and do it first and foremost by example.

    It sucks to read the brits did that to Indian soil but anger over it isn't a proper reason to try and dissect a neighbor

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