Doctors perform first-of-its kind surgery

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    Safdarjung doctors perform first-of-its kind surgery - The Times of India
    PTI | Feb 15, 2014, 05.18 PM IST

    NEW DELHI: In what is claimed to be the first of its kind surgery in India, doctors in Safdarjung Hospital have used the latest technology to perform a complex operation on a middle-aged woman suffering from urge and mixed urinary incontinence.

    Doctors performed a surgery called 'Cervico Sacropexy-Vaginal Sacropexy ( CESA-VASA)' on the 48-year-old Sudeshna (name changed), who had been suffering from the ailment in which the patient experiences an accidental leakage of urine.

    Using the latest technology, doctors planted a mesh inside the body around the uterus to relieve her of the nagging symptoms.

    "Anteriorly on cervix, the mesh was fixed to the uterus laterally through the utero-sacral ligaments and posteriorly on to the sacrum bone, thus restoring the anatomical support of the uterus and restorating normal bladder reflux," explained Dr Anoop Kumar, head of the department of urology, Safdarjung. As a part of the surgery, incisions were done on the abdomen.

    Dr Kumar said in such conditions, the uterine support structures become weak in these females because of repeated deliveries.

    According to Dr Kumar, this is a first ever surgery conducted in India on female urge and mixed urinary incontinence.

    The mesh (any substance that gives support to the structure where it is placed) which was used costs 90,000 and is imported from Germany.

    "Female urge and mixed incontinence is probably one of the biggest problems in the elderly women and every one out of three women suffer from it. The problem usually starts after 40 years. Women suffering from it suddenly feel an urge to pass urine — a problem which often limits their life so much that they hardly leave their houses. They often don't consult doctors and hide their illness," said Dr Kumar.
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