Do we need a Great Wall of China like fence on the Wagah Border

Discussion in 'China' started by Iamanidiot, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Dear Forum members

    If you are seeing our western neighbours they are breeding like rabbits ever abdul has four begums and 10 children from each begum,contraceptive measures are absolutely absent and at this rate the growth of population will be such that the current resources in Pakistan will be insufficient to sustain it .The Mad Mullahs are also encouraging this trend because they will have individuals for cannon forder and Abdul juniors fors fidayee attacks.Iam a nasty feeling that in any case of a distrubance all this shit will land on our doors so we need to do something about this ticking demographic time bomb.My suggestions

    1)Construct a Great wall along the border all along that border with heavy mines.

    2)Create a Korean demilitarized zone like structure which is equal dangerous to the Pakistani abduls as it is to their army

    3)The rules of engagement must be extremely brutal.Border trespassers must not be spared their life.

    Gentleman we need to do engage in an extremely good debate regarding this issue and one that needs to be done seriously.We must leave HR issues at the door when it comes to this pressing matter.

    Lets start....

    We need to

    1)To identify the places on the border from where such migration may occur

    2)To identify routes which the refugees may use to migration into india

    3)To formulate methods to block those routes and discourage migration

    4)In the event of a migration how to deal with those refugees(deportation and period no accomadation).How to make them an example for other not to migrate

    5)To effectively stop them from entering Indian territory

    What infrasture should we place on the border to do better patrolling

    PS:No Political Correctness in this thread please
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    Internal buffer zone after the IB. Mined to the hilt. India is not a party to the landmines treaty so we can do it. Building walls and fences are of not use. may be electric fences yes.
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    Illegal immigration is a non-issue at Wagah. There's free approved movement of villagers between the two sides in some parts, and some small amount of free trade of goods is allowed. Where we do actually need a "great wall" or more aptly an electrified fence is the India-Bangladesh border. That's where illegal immigration into India has become a nuisance.

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