Do the Gandhis want to be history like the Mughals?

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Surrounded by sycophants and their egos massaged in hug doses daily enveloped by the blitz from Independence time that attributed everything, evry achievement, every scheme, every institution to the Nehru dynasty, megalomania seems to have set in as a matter of routine.

    However, with vengeance the Modi Jugggernaut has commenced to wipe out the Nehru dynastic footprints and giving prominence to other leaders including the real hero of India's independence, Gandhi, is making the Nehru - Indira Gandhi successors redundant and more irrelevant to the Indian body politic and that is showing in the total despondency and delirium, not only within themselves, but has also gripped the sinking ship called the Congress Party and its foot soldiers.

    State by State where Congress ruled supreme is falling like nine pins.

    One wonders if the Congress Party can resurrect. Maybe, if only the Gandhi's go back to Italy as author Javier Moro wrote in his book on Sonia Gandhi, 'Red Sari'. Sonia Gandhi during emergency wanted to go to Italy – at least till things calm down – for the sake of her children.

    Now, the turmoil is too much for her to handle. And so, Italy with her children is the best refuge and leave the Congress to their ways.
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    Durbari Jurno Aakar Patel is upset that the Modern Mughals are not in the Durbar any more!

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    Ridiculous. Why would an Indian feel shame and horror at the decline of an opressive dynasty? Sheer projection from the sychophant author.

    Yet again. Congress is a scurge not an inheritance to be proud of, unless you are dynasty boot licker that is. :lol:

    Here lies the real fear of such people and I relish it. :thumb:

    Utter idiocy consider Congi rule is responsible for the mess that India finds itself in and with BJP now having unfettered access to the real details, it would be suicidal of Congi to raise any serious objections on these accounts as it would lay them exposed to severe retribution by the party in power.

    Still harbouring hope for the prince I see. :pound:

    Anyway, the real danger lies not from Congi as a political party but their hacks that still infest many if not most of public institutions even today and will need to be carefully and patiently purged.
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