DIVERSION AHEAD - Aadhar is being consumed by turf wars

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Are the objections political?

    Is there no real reason ?

    Is this project nto been thought through and is being done in a haste for political brownies, even though prima facie, it is an essential requirement for a nation.

    Can such an important exercise be done in a cavalier manner , and/ or at the same time, can it be dismissed in such a cavalier manner?

    What do you feel?
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    Both the National Population Register and the UIDAI scheme were pet projects of the UPA 1 govt. that were sanctioned in 2006. So the charge that this is being done in haste is not correct. From the sanction till we enroll all 1 Billion people it would be almost 2016 - a full ten years.

    While UIDAI is on its way to enroll 400 million users, NPR is still on the drawing board. This in itself should show how well executed the UIDAI project is. When did we have a project that was actually completed in the time that was mandated by it? UIDAI is one such project that has been able to keep ahead of its mandated deadlines.

    There is another objection to the UIDAI, it will do far more to curb corruption than the lokpal ever will when we talk about the aam aadmi. By cutting the middle men babus and transferring the cash straight to bank accounts associated with UIDAI numbers, there is no way subsidies and MGNEGRA accounts can be looted by politicians. So if we can't get politicians to pass the LokPal bill, why are we expecting them to provide legislation for the UIDAI?

    UIDAI has gone through extensive life cycle development under Nilekani has a missions statement and objectives and has done many consultation with various state governments during its implementation cycle.
    A wealth of info is available on the website
    About UIDAI

    UIDAI is a shining achivement that shows that a chaotic democartic government in India can actually sucessfully pull of such a complex project as the UIDAI. Instead of being proud of this achivement and offerring constructive criticism, we have politicans putting hurdles in its way.
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    These road blocks are from those politicians who scared of this type digital data .. they are wondering when it will replace the voterID card than it will be a big problem to make fake one's...

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