Discuss on possible ways of pakistan disintegration, in the long run.

Discussion in 'Strategic Forces' started by sachin458377, Aug 12, 2019 at 6:45 PM.

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    Topic is self explanatory. Comments are welcome
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    The only thing binding pakistan is the Kashmir dispute. They're right when they say that Kashmir is Pakistan's jugular vein. Because without that dispute and common hatred for India, there's literally nothing that binds the country. Islam was proven an insufficient glue in 1971.

    There are 4 directions in which the Kashmir dispute can move:
    • India gift-wraps J&K and hands it over to Pakistan. Emboldened by this, Pakistan's territorial ambitions extend to other parts of India that have sizable Muslim population (<----this will never happen)
    • Pakistan gift-wraps PoK and hands it over to India (<----this will never happen)
    • India invades and captures PoK in total / Pakistan invades and captures J&K in total (<----both unlikely, at best India may try to chip away some land from Pakistan, such as leveling of bulges along the western frontier of LoC)
    • India proves to the Pakistani public that they can never have Kashmir and India can never be beaten; at the same time, we don't have territorial ambitions. Once this message is sent across, Pakistan will disintegrate, because Pak Army will not be able to command its position in the Pakistani society
    How to do option 4 (above)?
    It's straightforward. Let them give us a good reason to go to war. Invade and capture PoK. Also slice through parts of Pakjab, Sindh, and KPK, all while skirting the nuclear escalation ladder (keep calling their bluff at every stage). Don't respond to international pressure, force them to a 1971-like surrender. Here, in a grand gesture, return everything back to them, including PoK. This will prove to the Pakistanis that we don't have territorial ambitious, and that our sovereignty over J&K can't be contested by pakistan (because they will be comprehensively beaten). Make them sign Simla-like treaties that makes them recognize J&K to be Indian territory.

    That's it. In a decade from then, Pakistan will disintegrate as nothing will convince pakis that PA deserves the resources it gets at their expense.
  4. Sandeep0159

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    Feb 19, 2017
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    That would be disastrous. Wise I would say, would be to trade a huge tract of land in Sindh or S.Pakjab(Bahawalpur) front with GB. We need to be stubborn as fuck. Meawhile our open exploits in GB can be held with us without questions, be it land till Khaplu or Minimarg.
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  5. Vishwamitra

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    we must annex entire Pakistan if possible, gharwapsi will allow us to reunite Aryavarta again since entire Pakistan is Indo-Aryan speaking region now.
  6. angeldude13

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    1. Keep the LOC hot.... let them feel the heat.
    2. Support Baloch and Pashtun proxy.
    This will bleed them economically.
    3. Keep them in FATF grey list.
    4. Surgical strikes and Balakot strikes should be a norm to teach these subhuman porks a lesson.
    5. We should develop and buy sophisticated weapons to make these subhumans spend more on military.
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    You are assuming that the napaki suar awaam will have half a brain to figure out that their fauz is nakara. This wont happen they will find a scapegoat like bhutto or ayyub or nawaz, blame him for defeat and restore the confidence of their jaahil awaam.

    What we need is more creative yet nefarious solution to this problem. There needs to be a jihadi civil war between the suars to turn them into sirya that is the only solution.

    I think that is exactly what is in the works. If you are aware there is already a conflict going on it Afghanistan b/w ISIS and Taliban. The same is needs to happen in porkland between ISI-JeM-LeT vs ISIS-TTP.
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  8. power_monger

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    Jun 15, 2014
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    My opinion

    1)The only thing which is preventing war between India and Pakistan is nuclear escalation and economical consequences. Pakistan cares less about economical ,it's more of ego about Hindus growing powers.
    2) History has shown that Muslim countries and kingdoms unite in name of Islam. This is proven. We had instances of bahamani joining hands to beat vijayanagara kingdom, Afghans joining mughals and so on. Even today you see lot of Muslim countries support Pakistan either directly via monetary like Qatar and Saudi or strategically like turkey which supports bills in united nations.This is main source where Pak derives all its Courage. To be honest it will happen in any future wars with Pakistan.
    3) The only thing muslim countries respect and fear is power. That is the reason they have kept quiet with Chinese with xiangang. India need to grow to similar status. Economical strength won't take India to that level. It's the military might which will make world respect us.
    4) To have military might we need to have both offensive and defensive powers. A arsenal of 500 nuclear weapons will not only make Muslim countries silent but also prevent them against any misadventure against us.
    5) A strong ballistic missile defense against Pakistan missiles will give us confidence. Deployment of bmd and a nuclear arsenal of 500 bombs will put us in a entire different league and will prevent unity of Islamic powers against India.
    6) Once Pakistan feels that it might not get support, we have to trigger a war and declare independence to baloch , sindh , pasthun and Punjab province. Allow pashtuns to merge with Afghanistan. This way Afghanistan will keep quiet. Pok has to be annexed. Once we annex the lands we will definitely face sanctions from uno. We might have to keep ourselves ready for trouble some 3-4 years.
    7) Only way we can tackle this is develop alliance with countries which can help us during sanctions time withstanding uno and America. This is difficult if oil is most demanding commodity in world at that moment. So to break it we have to support and fund companies like Tesla to remove complete dependence of combustion engine vehicles. Bring electrical vehicles and remove oil dependence.
    8) if oil dependence is removed sanctions will most likely fail as countries will side with India than Islamic countries due to economy and tech power.

    This is solely my opinion. But lengthy buy needed one.
  9. Compersion

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    May 6, 2013
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    Perhaps see definition of line of control ...

    1949 Karachi Agreement that ended the 1947-48 India-Pakistan war over Kashmir. That agreement described the Ceasefire Line in Kashmir as running up to map coordinate NJ 9842 and “… thence north to the glaciers.” Under the 1972 Simla Agreement, the Ceasefire Line was converted into the LoC but the fuzziness of the boundary beyond NJ 9842 was not addressed.

    Why cannot north be all way to Afghanistan border ? Why it has to be only where it is.

    Also glaciers can always be wider not only where it is now. It’s for safety , connectivity, and peace for line of control to be positioned appropriately. Make it go more towards Afghanistan’s. Question is the stuff in between.

    The above is permitted the line from NJ 9842 at minimum needs to be better utilised for peace.

    Jai Hind.
  10. suny6611

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    New Delhi

    this option 4 (above) is only possible with intelligent & educated people .......not with fools

    impossible ............"all while skirting the nuclear escalation ladder"

    they have no idea the destruction a auto bomb can do ..
    they will use it even if paki land ends

    only way out is what is happening right now .
    let them bleed their own economy to the end
    china moves in to demand his pound of flesh
    the world (USA & NATO) wakes up to " force" china out by starting a civil war

    in short pak will be next Syria ..
  11. vayuu1

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    Saam daam dand bhed,
    To disintegrate them we have to defeat them at all fronts, we have been doing that military and economy wise, but what about perception, to beat enemy you have to beat them to the pulp so that he/she doesn't rise again, need to humiliate their armed forces in front of their people, waise hi sharam se Mr jayenge, to disintegrate them need to mentally disintegrate them as well.

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  12. Brood Father

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    Simple.. Get POK back and then within no time Pakistan will disintegrate because then India have direct access to central Asia and Afghanistan.

    World only need Pakistan because of its location. Take that away from them and within no time Pakistan will be fucked

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