Disaster: Chinese Modernisation

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    This is the price for rapid modernisation without proper planning and studying of the effects that it will have in the long run.

    The drought in China is very serious. More than 34 million people have been affected. Adequate drinking water for humans, let alone livestock, is at a premium.

    Now, torrential rain, as of today, is pouring in two drought stricken central provinces and 34 people are reported dead with 30 missing because of landslides.

    60,000 people were evacuated after downpours hit Xianning city in Hubei province.

    The drought ended last weekend with the rains but it brought deadly floods, so far killing close to 100 people in 12 provinces.

    In eastern Jiangxi province, 1,200 people remain stranded by floods after heavy rain fell on the northern part of the province on Thursday, China News Service said in a separate report.

    Therefore, for India, let this be a lesson learnt.

    Modernise, but with planning and caution.

    China being a totalitarian regime can weather the problems since the population has no options but to obey, but if this happened in a democracy, there will be hell to pay!

    This plan to obviate the crisis of water in China will be another disaster like the Three Gorges.

    It appears to be a Rob Peter to Pay Paul type of situation that China seems to be doing and all because of ego problems of wanting to be No 1 in all fields without taking into consideration the long term damage today's showcasing is causing!!
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    One of the most important valuable lessons learnt from the Chinese is about modernization wrt to keeping the environmental costs,carrying capacity and the sustainability issues.This is a valuable lesson and India's civil society,Democracy and NGO's will help us address the issues and costs much better.Afterall this is our land imo we cannot make our land unlivable to our descendants so that we can live in luxury.

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    Sir there are so many scare crows screaming in the loose Indian system; forget about bad development, even the good development is not easy. People are like "We won't work and we won't let you work or generate avenues of work". But yes, the reckless modernization is going on everywhere .. even in India.

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    Han River today...


    Poyang Lake




    And you want to drain water from these sources?!? :loco:

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