Dilemma and Confusion called Pakistan!

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Apart from the devastation that is wreaked on Pakistan by their homegrown and home assisted insurgents, the Pakistan Courts are adding to the terror by going after the Govt.

    Will Zardari resign just because the Lahore high court has asked the attorney-general to convey to Mr Zardari that it “expected” the president to abide by its last year’s directive based on petition that called for contempt of court proceedings to be initiated against Asif Ali Zardari for continuing to hold the office of both the president and the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Part?

    One wonders how the Courts have no clue of their own country's Constitution? The Constitution does not forbid anyone being co jointly a President and a Head of a Political Party.

    A real ignoramuses all around in Pakistan!

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