Digital cloud for every Indian?

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    Digital cloud for every Indian?

    An interesting direction taken by the new PM, Mr. Modi, is to have a digital cloud for all Indians, that would hold each citizen's certificates issued by the government — education, residential, medical records, birth certificates etc..

    This would no longer require an individual to travel places carrying his valuable certificates, and can be accessed by anyone. Thus, a student seeking admission, or a graduate seeking a job, can simply walk into the examination or interview location, and his credentials can be verified prima facie.

    This can also serve as an example of electronic governance, which has various benefits, apart from those intended by the planned initiative by the Indian Government, which is being touted as

    Now, the question arises, what are the safeguards? Will this become another source of surveillance over the citizens, just like the phone tapping scandal by NSA? Surely, a person who has done nothing wrong, should have nothing to hide. Yet, should we be concerned about our privacy?

    Now, assuming this were made mandatory for every citizen, although it is unlikely it will be, and it is not yet relevant to India per se, would it then, philosophically, counter the Right to be Forgotten?
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    It is my hard dream with other two ones,
    First if it would be for me I would be willing to even get a bracelet with gps and health monitor constantly on. It would save a lot of lives and save a lot of money for the justice system. Obviuslly it would be voluntary,
    Second the inplentation of a health meritocratic system, something like: if you smoke/drink excessively then the health system doesn't cover your operation(in Italy the pubblic health will cover almost 100% of the expenditure, after all we got the second best health system in the world)

    Coming back to the data cloud.
    Don't make it mandatory but use fiscal incentives, shorted waiting list etc.. Etc..
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