Dhobhi ghat

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    This is a film set in the muslim quarter of mumbai......Mohammad Ali road , where Arun ( played by Amir Khan ) , a brooding painter , comes to live , and finds old video films left by the former tenant , a muslim young woman .

    But before he comes to live there, he has a one-night stand with a rich , vivacious young woman (Monica Dogra ),who has come from US to film Mumbai , and who develops an attraction for him .

    And as Shai ( Monica Dogra ) takes the help of a young dhobhi ( Played by Prateik Babbar ) to film dhobhi ghat , and practically goes dating with him ,predictibly making him have all sorts of ideas about her ( which guy wouldn't , in such a situation ) , a story of sorts begins to develop.......

    As Amir begins to view the old films left by the former tenant , a sense of mystery begins to overhang the film........you wonder what explosive revelations are going to be in the films.......but it is all overshadowed by the melancholy of Amir's character , which works against the film

    And when the revelations come , you are left wondering what connection they had with the main story.......

    It is left to Shai ( Monica Dogra ) to lift the film.....and she is the one who does it with a demonstration of such spontaneous acting and natural charm that makes you wish to see her in more films in bollywood in the future

    Prateik Babbar acts well ,in the role of a muslim boy who allows Shai to take him for a ride , and ends up falling in love with her even though the class differences between them are obviously too much to bridge.

    All this does not change the fact that its a dull , though not outright boring film.....

    Amir Khan is simply too intense , and his acting skills could have been better utilised......

    Verdict--you can safely give it a miss......
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    not a big bollywood fan but only good movies made in bollywood are comedy movies..
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    you might wanna open one thread instead of new thread for every movie. It would be good to have all in one place.

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