Dhaka-Delhi-Lahore SA train service

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    US supports Dhaka-Delhi-Lahore train service

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009 9:27 IST

    Washington: Supporting India's proposal to launch a South Asian regional train service between Pakistan, India and Banglades, the United States has said such ideas will break down barriers between the people of these countries.

    India's proposal for this South Asian train was "technically approved" by Pakistan's railway ministry yesterday and has now been forwarded to the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce for further evaluation.
    "The US supports ideas such as this to break down barriers to trade and interaction among the Pakistani and Indian peoples," the State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said.
    "Ultimately, however, it is up to the nations concerned to determine the substance and pace of their relations," Kelly said.
    According to the Dawn news paper, the proposal was floated by the Indian Railways two weeks ago. Experts believe that Dhaka-Delhi-Lahore train service is a viable proposition.
    The three countries have broad gauge railway tracks and their operating systems are similar as they were established by the erstwhile British rulers of the region.

    US supports Dhaka-Delhi-Lahore train service - dnaindia.com
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    Is it good to join hand with nation like pakistan? for me its like feeding the snake:((

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