Desi defence equipment worth Rs 449.40 crore have been sent back!

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    "The Narendra Modi government, which has given a war cry for Make in India in the defence sector, has a major battle to win within the country before guarding the borders with home-made equipment. For, 429 types of defence equipment worth Rs 449.40 crore have been sent back to domestic ordnance factories in the past three years, due to quality issues.

    According to documents TOI has accessed, this includes 162 types of weapons, which can range from rifles to rocket launchers, 16 categories of combat vehicles, and 52 types of ammunition, the shortage of which has been worrying the world's second largest land army.

    The ministry of defence (MoD) said the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA), which provides second party quality assurance (QA), has returned these equipment for rectification.

    Each of these categories could have seen thousands and lakhs of units being sent back. "If you are talking about ammunition, let's take an example of a bullet for an assault rifle. Lakhs of such bullets would've been procured and all of them rendered useless if they didn't meet the quality requirements," a Lieutenant Colonel posted in a peace station told TOI.

    The documents reveled that as of the third week of December 2014, the ammunitions had quality issues, severely affecting the forces' ability at a time when ceasefire violations by Pakistan and intrusions from China are posing threats."

    -Times Of India

    But why??:tsk:
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    The government sector suffers from both corruption and militant labour. The only option in India is to source from private sector.
    All ammunition manufacture should be transferred to private sector. The government can provide security at the private sector plants if pilferage is a risk.
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    OFB was never known for being efficient or sensitive to Quality Control.

    The unfortunate part of that Indian weapons and equipment get a bad name because OFB's lack lustre approach, slippages et al and the indigenous equipment and weaponry takes the flak.
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    Bull shit, this analysis is not worth talking about.

    Worst, looking at it from a corruption angle is much worst.

    Every manufacturing operation suffers defective, return and refinish. No matter how good the Quality Control operation, one or the other piece slips by it. Can you guess why last year the whole fleet of US F-22 was ground to check and replace defective hardware. In the consumer market millions of GM cars are being recalled to replace defective pieces. Ever since Chinese stuff has appeared in the market for the last fifteen years, all of us in North America have returned defective hardware. This return has multiplied several times in last ten years. Chinese stuff although cheap but not upto the mark.

    My point here is that do not jump on small Rs 450 crores worth of defective stuff returned for refinishing. It probably has been refinished and returned back to the army. Beans counter never have to produce stuff, all they have to do is to count and find faults.
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    I first want to see a list of companies that manufactured these equipment and their parts.

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