Denmark’s tøp guns trump RAF in Libya

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    Denmark’s tøp guns trump RAF in Libya

    Denmark’s armed forces have had almost as much success in Libya as the RAF and the Royal Navy, The Times can reveal. A strike force of four Danish jets has hit almost as many targets in Libya as all of Britain’s much larger contingent of warplanes and ships.

    Barely a week after Admiral Lord West of Spithead, a former First Sea Lord, said government cuts could leave Britain looking like “bloody Denmark”, a senior Danish pilot described his role in a campaign that, according to defence sources, had the country’s F16 jets fly up to eight combat sorties per day — easily one of the highest rates of the Nato-led coalition.

    “At the beginning you really did not know what to expect,” said the Danish pilot, call-sign MIR. “Every time you see the Libyan coastline you know that you are getting close to a threat and you start to be a lot more alert.”

    Denmark was one of the first countries to take part in the UN-mandated operation against the Gaddafi regime. The nation also has more than 700 soldiers deployed alongside British troops in Afghanistan, and fought in the Iraq war.

    Denmark’s six F16 jets — two are kept in reserve — have hit 913 targets since the campaign began in March. Britain’s 16 Tornado jets, four Typhoon fighters and a unit of Apache attack helicopters, as well as at least two Royal Navy warships, hit 970.

    Lord West, a security minister in the previous Government, was forced to apologise after he told a press conference last week that Britain was still a first-rate military power, “not like bloody Denmark or Belgium”.

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    And those are F16AMs... How much more the more modern F16 Block 60? I guess the EUrofighter still has a lot to learn from F16.
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    Right now Eurofighter is fully developed for air superiority role . But its ground attack development work
    still has some way to go

    F 16 is a much older platform with no further scope for development; it is primary work is Ground attack

    And BTW , PINGING the Libyan tanks was no big deal

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