Demchok (T-Point), where Indian Army & PLA meet face to face

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    Demchok (T-Point), where Indian Army & PLA come face to face

    This post is about T-point in Demchok region, on India-China border, near Ngari Prefecture.

    T-point separates India and China, with India on left side and China on right side.

    Looking from sky, we can see a T- like natural geographic sign, thats why it got the T-point name.

    Recently China has started building huge infra on their side in Demchok, and recently they protested against Indian work telling it is chinese territory.

    The Indian authorities stopped work in Indian side with Union Government imposing a ban on any kind of construction in Demchok by locals. Even the Leh administration cannot go ahead with any construction activity here without getting it approved from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of External Affairs..

    There have been many objections from India on this matter.

    Info about the Chinese infra in the region:

    (VIDEO) - India can't build in Demchok? - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

    (Showing PLA protest banner, Chinese Store House, Indian reaction)

    Some photographs from the region:






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    India can't build in Demchok?- - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos
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