Delhi's Sainik Farms is India's Banana Republic

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    Delhi's Sainik Farms is India's Banana Republic- ET Cetera-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

    How many times have we heard of proposals to demolish Dharavi and to evict the illegal squatters there? Whenever the topic of Dharavi comes up, every person occupying the social ladder from the middle class upwards curses its residents as a thugs, criminals and illegals squatters. How many similarly have the ball$ to curse these high profile residents of Sainik Farms?

    Are we being fair in criticizing the millions of poor people of Dharavi who barely eke out a living and are forced to sleep on the dirty streets of a Dharavi slum while letting off the high and mighty residents of Sainik Farms who can afford alternative housing but choose not to avail of it, preferring instead to thumb their noses at municipal laws?

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