Delhi police commissioner on notice for VIP traffic

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    NEW DELHI: Senior Supreme Court advocate Harish Salve on Saturday put the Delhi Police commissioner on notice by asking him to stop huge traffic disruptions caused by "VIP movements" within a week or face legal action.

    Stuck by widespread traffic jams caused by the police blocking off general traffic to ensure smooth movement of VIPs headed to former Prime Minister I K Gujral's funeral, Salve sought "an assurance" from commissioner Neeraj Kumar that this "unwholesome practice" should stop within a week, failing which he would move the Supreme Court.

    When contacted, Neeraj Kumar said he was yet to receive Salve's letter and would react only after going through it. Salve has sent copies of his letter to the Prime Minister's Office, ministry of home affairs as well as the attorney general.

    In the letter, Salve said it was brazenly discriminatory that thousands of commuters were not only inconvenienced but forced to burn fuel during long idling time, and that too without any compensation, only to facilitate the movement of one VIP. "It is violative of Article 14 and in fact, of the basic structure of the Constitution," he said.

    "It is clear from the attitude of the Delhi Police that it has not shaken off its old pre-colonial attitude of serving the Raj - just that the masters have changed," he said. He drew the commissioner's attention to the large number of policemen deployed for the VIP movements and contrasted this with the police plea of manpower shortage when questioned in the Supreme Court about traffic congestion where "the average commuter of Delhi is being inconvenienced".

    Salve's other two points were: One, preventing people from commuting, violated the right to liberty and the right to free movement and, therefore, violated Articles 19 and 21 of the Constitution; and two, cars idling in a traffic jam let out a far higher degree of polluting emissions than cars in motion. "The city is wracked by unbearable pollution as it is - the conduct of the force in blocking traffic is grossly adding to this pollution," he added.

    Salve had recently petitioned the Supreme Court suggesting a tough green tax on new diesel cars and a milder levy on existing petrol and diesel ones to curb the rush for buying of cars and reduce pollution in the national capital region.

    Delhi police commissioner on notice for VIP traffic - The Times of India on Mobile
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    What the dickens is VIP traffic?

    Call it the freeloaders guaranteed pathway!

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