Delhi Government Suspends 2 Officers, 200 Plan Mass Leave In Protest

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    New Delhi: Two senior officials have been suspended by the Delhi government for refusing to sign some files, setting the stage for yet another run-in with the Centre. To show solidarity with the suspended officials, 200 bureaucrats threatened to go on mass leave on Thursday, which may affect the government's plans for the odd-even car scheme that's to be launched the day after.

    The suspended officers are Yashpal Garg, special secretary (Prosecution), and Subhash Chandra, special secretary (Prisons), a Delhi government spokesperson said today.

    The files in question pertained to a cabinet decision to hike the Public Prosecutor's salary, which, the officers had contended, must have the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor. But when the government insisted they sign the files with or without the LGs approval, the officers had recused themselves, following which they were suspended.

    The Kejriwal government's decision may lead to a fresh tussle with the Centre, as only the Lieutenant Governor can suspend DANICS (Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service) cadre officers with permission from the Union Home Ministry.

    Earlier, the Arvind Kejriwal government had suspended three transport department officials, including a DANICS-cadre officer, for alleged "wrongdoings", and two sub-divisional magistrates, who were also DANICS-cadre officers.

    "The Delhi government does not have power to suspend any DANICS officer and it can only recommend the suspension of DANICS officer and on this, LG can suspend him or her with permission from MHA," a representative of the association said.

    After the suspension, 200 DANICS-cadre officers threatened to go on leave. The 70-odd IAS officers, who work in different departments of the national capital, have also threatened to go on a half-day leave on Thursday in solidarity with the DANICS.

    A mass leave by the officials will hugely affect the preparations for the odd-even scheme, which comes into force on January 1, as most of these officers are looking after projects related to the road-rationing plan.
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    I remember when NaMo was Guj CM and his govt. transferred few officers, some media houses were crying that Modi is dictator and what not. Where is the outrage now?
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    Kejariwal has destroyed the popularity of movie 'Nayak' :lol:

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