Defining basic features of Hindutva

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    Hindutva is political ideology backed by and heavily influenced by Hindu nationalism.

    As far now no one exactly managed to define basic features of Hindutva.

    So my 2 cents-

    1) Hindutva is not a regressive ideology. Caste system, untouchability, neglecting woman for which Hinduism is generally blamed, these are not part of Hindutva. Hindutva believes in equal right for all castes, Hindutva even opposes Caste system and other evil social practices.

    2) Hindutva supporters are enthusiastic supporters of Israel in case of Israel vs Arabs issue.

    3) Hindutva is very much concerned about growing Christian Missionary activity intended to convert poor Hindus by offering food, education and money etc.

    4) Hindutva supporters are equally eager to protect various Hinduism's off shoot religions like Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

    5) Hindutva supporters oppose mass migration from BD, that is intended to change demography of NE India.

    6) Hindutva supporters oppose minority(Muslim) appeasement in form of secularism, some even propose to make India a Hindu country.

    7) Hindutva supporters always welcome if any non-Hindu(specially Muslim or Christian) converts to Hinduism, they even welcome if any one converts to other Dharmic religions.

    Hindutva supporters consider to save Hinduism and India, Indians belonging to Abrahamic faith, should be returned to Hindu fold any how, even if not Hindu fold then at least to Sikhism or Buddhism or Jainism.

    8) It's supporters criticize Mahatma Gandhi, and Congress very often, any Hindu if does not agree to them immediately they are called Congressi chamcha, sickular.

    9) In which scale Hindutva supporters are concerned about Hinduism, in similar scale they are not concerned about English medium school's negative side effect on Indian languages and culture. It's the limitation.

    10) Hindutva supporters have some what twisted version of History, to them British was not first who colonized India, but it was Muslims from Central Asia. They consider when Muhammad Ghuri defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in 1192 2nd Battle Of Tarain, from then India was colonized. They hate Muslim rulers, specially Mughals neglecting the fact that Mughals were much better than Sultans. they consider Rajputs and Marathas as freedom fighters. They also hate Tipu Sultan.

    11) Hindutva came to existence as reaction to counter Islam and Christian Missionaries. It came as reaction, for defensive reason, not for offensive as Hinduism does not preach to convert others. But opponents of Hinduism(and of all other Dharmic religion) preach this.

    12) Hindutva consider Aryans as Indians, denounce AIT theory and support AMT theory.
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    So you have drawn these inference from facebook post?
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