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Discussion in 'China' started by Martian, Jun 9, 2016.

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    There are two overwhelming impressions from the IHS Jane's map of Asian defense spending (see below).

    Firstly, you notice China's gargantuan size. According to the World Bank, China is the world's second-largest country in land area. China dwarfs all of the Asian countries combined.

    Secondly, China's defense budget is absolutely enormous. IHS Jane's includes China's weapon procurement and R&D budget to correctly reach the total of $182 billion in 2015 Chinese military spending. In sharp contrast, the total for Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia is a puny $25 billion.

    Thirdly, the quality of Chinese military weaponry is far superior in technology (e.g. military satellites in space, nuclear submarines, stealth fighters, etc.).

    In conclusion, it is an absurd proposition to use Asian countries to counter China. The US Pivot to Asia was bound to fail. No collection of Asian countries (even with US help) can stand against China militarily. Look at the map, geography is destiny.


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    Chinas buildup of its large military and defence budget is of concern to all Asian countries due to the sinister nature of communist party's world view and foreign policy. It is of concern of freedom loving peoples of Asia as the communists will subjugate them as the first available opportunity.

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    The Chinese also have vast land, airspace and rivals to cover. Rest of them have merely one or 2 rivals and apart from that they also have less territory to cover hence their resources can be put in to counter China's aggression unlike China, who has to pour her resources to other commitments.

    Talking about quality and technology but giving equipments in example with no information on what makes them superior? :crazy:

    Remove your communist-red tinted glasses and see China's action is what bringing them together. No one is "using" them.

    Not to be the bearer of the bad news but Crystal ball does not exist. Your fortune teller defrauded you. Only time will tell who fails and who does not.

    You know on the Military front there is not much collection. Only few trades here and there. Yet China is not very glad about the low-level co-operation between them which can noticed by its usual comments through it government's functionaries. Wonder what would be it's reaction when they actually come together militarily?

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