Defense industry India vs Iran

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by Waffen SS, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Waffen SS

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    Apr 28, 2013
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    Third Reich
    Who is more developed?

    Iranians say they are surprisingly self-dependent than India.Is it true,please compare.
  3. SajeevJino

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Inside a Cage
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  4. sob

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    May 4, 2009
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    New Delhi
    One is suspect and the other is bogus.

    Make your choice
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  5. Neil

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    self dependent/reliant does not mean more advanced.... by that logic even NK is more self dependent that us.... the fact of the matter is they dont have a choice no matter how crappy their product is....
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  6. Keshav Murali

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    Apr 14, 2013
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    The city of Humidity
    Iran has the capability to build up their defence industry indigenously. So does India. Let's compare them both:


    India: Several trainers, Marut, Tejas, MCA in development, Dhruv. LCH and so on.
    Iran: One helicopter, One mock-up of a stealth fighter.

    Land forces:

    India: 155 mm L/39 gun, 120 mm ARDE L/52, Arjun, Abhay, 122 mm rockets, Pinaka MBRL
    Iran: One tank, rockets for BM series rocket artillery

    Strategic forces

    India: Agni series of missiles, K series, Prahar, Shaurya, Prithvi, Nirbhay in development.
    Iran: Scud modifications, IRBM (??)

    India is, therefore, decades ahead.
  7. Keshav Murali

    Keshav Murali Senior Member Senior Member

    Apr 14, 2013
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    The city of Humidity
    Also, Le me knows nothing about advances in water. A little help @Kunal Biswas
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  8. Kunal Biswas

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    May 26, 2010
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    India, Does anyone need time to figure it out ?

    Avations : Dhruv, Tejas, Marut, Kirans, Sitara and many others..
    Land : INSAS 1B1, Arjun MK1/2, Abhay, Pinaka, Trucks..
    Sea : Kora Pocket Destroyer, Brahmaputra / Godavari Frigates, Delhi Destroyers, Shivalik Frigates, Vikrant CV, Arihant SSNB..
    Missiles force : Agni, Pritavi, BMD..

    And many i cant remember now, there are plenty more..
  9. GromHellscream

    GromHellscream Regular Member

    Apr 8, 2012
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    They will surpass in two decades, the prerequisite is that they are not invaded by US. Period.
  10. Keshav Murali

    Keshav Murali Senior Member Senior Member

    Apr 14, 2013
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    The city of Humidity
    May I ask, HOW?

    India has a bigger economy that's growing at twice the rate if Iran's economy and has a much bigger pool of intellectuals along with hundreds of experienced defence scientists and proper funding.

    Jealous of India?

    Edit: By your logic, Tanzania will overtake China in defense development in 3 decades.
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  11. MAYURA

    MAYURA New Member

    Apr 18, 2013
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    the position on ground is that India can destroy whole Iran in a week with Iran remaining like a sitting duck.

    the thread starter is atrocious in comparisons.

    Iranians have manufactured an aircraft which is too slow and can not withstand old Mig 21s leave alone Tejas which is supersonic.

    have Iranians made any tank yet?
  12. Snuggy321

    Snuggy321 Regular Member

    Sep 23, 2012
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    Iran is a country that has been sanctioned severely, while India has access to the best pieces of equipment.

    They are forced to accept anything they get from their industry.
  13. datguy79

    datguy79 Regular Member

    Sep 5, 2012
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    That is a bit of a stretch. Iran is obviously lacking technologically, but has two advantages. First, it is pretty big, and secondly, the manpower it could summon in case of war is massive.
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  14. GromHellscream

    GromHellscream Regular Member

    Apr 8, 2012
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    The advantages Iran has doesn't appears obviously.

    First, their government and social style. Though heavily colored by Islam Religion, it's governed by a revolution party thus the society is highly organized.

    Second, thanks to first point, Iran doesn't follow the failure way of other Islam countries but pursue industrilization with strong will. The only other case on this point in the entire Islam world is Turkey. And look at how awesome Turkey is now.

    Third, their history. Iran had been a strong empire both in military and culture for long times. This race is not kinds of barbarians or monkeys who has no ideas of what are needed to build a strong nation. And their education is not that bad too.

    All they lacked is a stable outer environments and the acceptance of mainstream world order. They chose to use nuclear weapons to knock the door of USA's kindful response, but the results of this are still hard to anticipate yet. In one world, they are in a similar situation as China day back to the Cold War before Mr. Nixon coming to Beijing.

    On the other hand, India has been in a perfect strategy situation with aids from both West and East for many decades, but still lacks of efficiency. Big population is the best treasure as well as the biggest burden at the same time, which point China knows the most. As a medium sized country with proper social structure, infinite cash through oil, fairly solid education foundation, it's possible for Iran to achieve higher efficiency.
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  15. Waffen SS

    Waffen SS New Member

    Apr 28, 2013
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    Third Reich
    Yes,Iranians made Tank.

    Zulfiqar MBT,Zulfiqar (tank) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They also made Azarkhsh and HESA Saeqeh fighter planes,based on F 14 and F 5,and 2 Helicopter based on US helicopters.

    HESA Shahed 285 and 278.

    As well as their own version of various infantry weapons,mostly based on Foreign equipment,and their strategic force.

    But we made Nuclear bombs,and various weapons.

    I think the fact is hence Iran is under sanction so it is forced to make their own defense industry,so they insisted heavily to develop their own industry,we are not,so we did not focus much to develop our own defense industry.

    Currently which is Iran's main problem that is their extensive Brain Drain.
  16. shahin

    shahin New Member

    Aug 17, 2017
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    Are you joking ??
    One tank one helicopter one modified scud … seriously ??
    If you're going to compare defense industry of two countries at least do it fairly , are you sure your comparing India with Iran ??
    Watch this video (ground test)

    is this the mock-up stealth fighter you mentioned ?
    Here is a list of Iranian military achievements , I will be so glad to know what are Indian achievements ..
    Medium-range (MRBM)
    1. Medium-range missiles are considered to have a range between 1000 and 3000 kilometers.
    2. Shahab-3A/B/C - strategic MRBM with a range of 1,200 km to 2,100 km.
    3. Ghadr-110 MRBM with a range of 2000–3000 km.
    4. Ashoura missile 2 stage solid fuel MRBM with a range of 2,000 km.
    5. Sejjil 2-stage solid fuel MRBM with a range of 2000–2500 km.
    6. Fajr-3 MIRV warhead.
    7. Emad - improved version of Shahab-3 with 500-meter precision
    8. Zolfaqar - Ballistic solid-fueled missile with a range of 750 km
    9. Short-range (SRBM)
    10. Shahab-1 - Tactical SRBM with a range of 350 km. Copy of Soviet SS-1C/Scud-B
    11. Shahab-2 - Tactical SRBM with a range of 750 km. Copy of Soviet SS-1D/Scud-C
    12. Naze'at - Unguided rocket series.
    13. Fateh-110 - single-stage solid-propellant SRBM with a range of 200 km
    14. Zelzal 1/2/3/3B - Single-stage SRBM with a range of 200 to 400 km
    15. Qiam 1 - Tactical SRBM with a range of 750 km. Uses liquid fuel and has a smart targeting system
    16. Cruise missiles
    17. Nasr-1 - Iranian-made short-range missiles.
    18. Meshkat - Iranian cruise missile with range of 2000 kilometers.
    19. Qader - Iranian anti-ship cruise missile with a range over 200 km.
    20. Ya-Ali - Iranian land attack cruise missile with 700 km range.
    21. Soumar -
    22. Noor - Anti-ship cruise missile
    23. Kowsar - medium-range, land-based anti-ship missile
    24. Ghadir
    25. Nasr-e Basir - Anti-ship cruise missile
    26. Zafar - Anti-ship cruise missile
    27. Nasir - anti-ship cruise missile
    Anti-tank missiles
    1. Raad - copy of Soviet AT-3 Sagger
    2. RPG-7 - Copy of Soviet RPG-7. Iran is forecast to manufacture 2.88 percent of the worlds RPG-7's by 2014
    3. RPG-29
    4. Saegheh - improved version of the RPG-7
    5. Toophan
    6. Toophan 2 - Improved Toophan
    7. Toophan 5 - Anti-armor, anti-tank missile with two warheads
    8. Saeghe 1/2
    9. Towsan
    10. Dehlaviyeh
    11. Tondar
    12. Pirooz - anti-tank guided missile
    Recoilless rifles
    1. SPG-9
    2. 106mm Recoilless rifle
    Air defense weapons
    1. Raad air defense system
    2. Qaem - anti-helicopter, lightweight, laser-guided missile
    3. Raad - anti-helicopter system.
    4. Misagh-1
    5. Misagh-2
    6. Misagh-3 - shoulder-fired missile
    7. 23mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
    8. Samavat 35mm Anti-Aircraft Guns
    9. Sa'ir 100mm Anti-Aircraft Guns - Upgraded automatic version of KS-19 100m gun, it can detect and intercept targets automatically through radar or optical systems at low and medium altitude
    10. Shahab Thaqeb
    11. SM-1 copy of RIM-66 Standard.
    12. Sayyad-1 / Sayyad-1A 2,
    13. Sayyad-1A has IR tracking.
    14. Sayyad-2 (Hunter II). Upgraded version of the Sayyad-1
    15. Fajr-8 - upgrade of S-200
    16. Fajr-27 - advanced sea rapid fire cannon
    17. Fath (victory) - the 40-millimeter naval cannon's range is 12 km and shoots 300 projectiles per minute.
    18. Mersad - Iran's first advanced air defense system based on the US MIM-23 Hawk. It is capable of hitting modern aircraft flying at low and medium altitudes. The Mersad system is equipped with sophisticated radar signal processing technology, an advanced launcher, and electronic equipment for guidance and target acquisition. Mersad uses domestically manufactured Shahin missiles
    19. Mesbah 1 air defense system - can target and destroy fighters, helicopters, cruise missiles and other objects flying at low altitude. Mesbah 1 is equipped with a three-dimensional interception radar and an optical guidance system. Mesbah 1 can fire four thousand rounds per minute
    20. Mehrab (altar) - surface-to-air medium-range smart missile. The Mehrab missile is equipped with anti-radar and anti-jamming systems, and if the enemy tries to jam the guidance system of the missile, it immediately identifies the source of the interference and changes its course toward the source and destroys the jammer
    21. Raad - Air defence system with range of 50 kilometers and engagement altitude of 25 to 27 kilometers
    22. Bavar-373 Iran's corrected version of Russia's S-300 surface-to-air missile system, which uses two or three types of missiles to confront aerial targets in different layers
    23. Ya Zahra - Low-altitude mobile air defense system
    24. Soheil - Quadruped- MANPADS missile launcher, which can detect and intercept aerial targets
    25. Herz-9 - Passive low-altitude mobile air defense system with operating range of 10 km and operating altitude of 5 km
    26. Talaash- A mid-range, high-altitude missile mobile air defense missile system which uses an upgraded copy of SM-1 (RIM-66) missile called Sayyad-2, in November 2013 Iran launched the production line of Sayyad-2 missile.(The whole system is still under development)
    27. Asefeh - Asefeh is three-barrelled 23 mm Gatling gun that is reportedly capable of firing up to 900 rounds a minute, it is currently under development by IRGC ground force and will be used as a close in weapon system to defend against cruise missiles
    28. 3rd Khordad - missile system with a range of 75 kilometers and an altitude of 30 kilometers
    29. Tabas - missile system with a range of 60 kilometers and an altitude of 30 kilometers
    Air-to-ground munitions
    1. Zoobin electro-optically guided air to surface missile
    2. Qadr - Electro-optically guided 2000 lb glide-bomb
    3. Zoobin - Electro-optically guided 750 lb glide-bomb
    4. Sattar 1/2/3/4 - Medium Range air-to-ground missiles.
    5. Qassed I/II/III - Electro-optically guided 2000 lb bomb. Qassed-2 has a range about 50 km, Qassed-3 has a range of over 100 km
    6. Asre - Laser-guided air-to-ground missile
    7. Kite - Stand-off sub-munitions dispenser
    8. Yasser - 750 lb air-to-ground missile
    9. Bina - Laser-guided air-to-ground and ground-to-ground missile according to Janes It appears to be an AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile with a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker fitted to its nose
    10. Sadid-1 - Light air to ground missile
    11. Shafaq
    Air-to-air missiles
    1. Fatter
    2. Sedjil
    3. Fakour 90
    Naval missiles
    1. Khalije-Fars anti ship ballistic missile
    2. Ra'ad - Indigenously developed long-range anti-ship missile based on HY-2 Silkworm.
    3. Fajre Darya
    4. Kowsar 1/2/3
    5. Nasr
    6. Tondar
    7. Thaqeb - Similar to Noor, modified for submarine launch
    8. Noor
    9. Qader - Iranian anti-ship cruise missile with a range over 200 km
    10. Khalij Fars - Anti ship ballistic missile based on Fateh-110
    11. Zafar - Indigenously developed short-range anti-ship missile.
    12. Hormuz I/II - naval strike ballistic missile that can hit mobile targets at sea with high precision
    1. Kuse
    2. Yasin
    3. Hoot – fastest torpedo in the world
    4. VA-111 Shkval.
    5. Valfajr
    6. Anti-submarine
    7. Dehlaviyeh - laser-guided anti-submarine missile
    air crafts :
    1. Azarakhsh
    2. Saegheh single cockpit supersonic fighter jet
    3. Saegheh 2 - double-cockpit supersonic fighter jet
    4. Shafaq - advanced light fighter
    5. Qaher-313 - Stealth single-seat multi-role combat aircraft
    6. IR.An-140.
    7. Parastoo
    8. Dorna
    9. Tazarv
    10. Simorgh
    11. Fajr F.3
    12. Panha 2091
    13. Bavar 2 - fixed-wing seaplane capable of patrol and reconnaissance missions
    14. Saba 248 - medium-weight, double-engine, quadrotor aircraft, capable of carrying eight occupants
    15. Tizro
    16. Kowsar
    1. Toufan I
    2. toufan II (helicopter)
    3. Shabaviz 2061 (helicopter)
    4. Shabaviz 275 helicopter
    5. Bell 214 - Reverse engineered and built in Iran
    6. HESA Shahed 278
    7. HESA Shahed 285
    8. HESA Shahed 284
    9. Sorena
    10. Zafar 300
    11. Saba
    Unmanned aerial vehicles
    1. Ababil- Domestically-manufactured naval surveillance plane.
    2. Ababil-5 for medium-range reconnaissance and surveillance missions
    3. Ababil-T for short/medium-range attack missions
    4. Mohajer 1
    5. Mohajer 2
    6. Mohajer 3
    7. Mohajer 4
    8. Mohajer 5
    9. Mohajer-6
    10. Rad
    11. Nazir
    12. Saeghe
    13. Sabokbal - First Iranian super lightweight drone, capable of recording and dispatching films and can be prepared for flight in less than five minutes.
    14. Zohal
    15. Talash 1
    16. Talash 2
    17. Karrar - capable of carrying a military payload of rockets to carry out bombing missions against ground targets. It is also capable of flying long distances at a very high speed
    18. Sofreh Mahi - Stealth UCAV
    19. A1 - capable of travelling for at least two hours, and can carry a 5-kilogram payload
    20. Shaparak (Butterfly) - has a maximum operational radius of 50 kilometers (31 miles), and a maximum flight ceiling of 15,000 feet (4,572 meters). This UAV is capable of three and half hours of non-stop flying, and can carry an 8-kilogram (17-pound) payload
    21. Shahed 129 - UCAV with 24-hour flight capability and armed with Sadid missiles
    22. Sayeh - Reverse-engineered copies of ScanEagle, made on a domestic production line and put into service by the Iranian armed forces
    23. Yasir - Modified version of ScanEagle, it has a 19,500 ft service ceiling, an endurance of 24 hours, and an operational radius of about 750 km
    24. H-110 Sarir - capable of carrying air-to-air missiles.
    25. Hamaseh - A medium-range drone capable of carrying air to ground missiles
    26. AB-3
    27. Raad 85 - Suicide drone
    28. Fotros - UCAV with range of 2000 km, flight ceiling of 25,000 ft and 16–30 hours flight endurance, armed with missiles
    29. Farpad - hand-launched surveillance aircraft
    30. Oghab - a combat drone capable of carrying air-to-surface missiles
    31. Shahin - a drone that can collect information on the positions and movements of enemy forces on reconnaissance missions
    32. Sadeq - a newer version of Mohajer-4
    33. Aircraft upgrades and components
    34. Iran claims to have upgraded its US-made F-4, F-5, and F-14 fighter jets, and produced spare parts including tires, avionics, and engine components
    35. Shahed (Observer) flight recorder - able to record flight, image, and sound parameters
    1. F-4 Phantom Simulator
    2. Toufan or AH-1J assault helicopter simulator
    3. Shahed-278 and Bell-206 simulator - Under project Mansour Iran built 27 Bell-206 simulators in 2003
    4. Bell 214 simulator - it was built under project Qader-3 and it had cost Iran 17 billion and 500 million rials
    5. Submarine Simulator - Iran's "Tareq-class" submarine
    6. F-5 Tiger simulator
    7. Misagh rocket launcher simulator
    8. Mig-29 Fulcrum simulator
    9. F-14 Tomcat simulator
    10. Mirage F-1 simulator
    11. Hawk and Mersad air defense systems simulator
    12. Iran-140 full flight simulator (FFS)
    13. Iran-140 fix base flight simulator
    14. Fokker-100 fix base flight simulator
    15. SOCATA TB-21 Trinidad fix base flight simulator
    Radar systems
    1. Matla-ul-fajr radar system
    2. BSR-1 - VHF radar.
    3. Matla-ul-fajr I/II radar system
    4. Kashef 1&2 radars
    5. Alvand radar
    6. Asr radar - Asr radar is described by Iranian officials as a S band naval three-dimensional phased array radar with a range of 200 km and capable of simultaneously identifying and intercepting 100 targets at water level or above, this radar will be installed on Jamaran frigates
    7. Alim radar system
    8. RASIT ground-surveillance radar
    9. Thamen - radar system
    10. Electro-optical/radar system
    11. E-warfare systems
    12. Sepehr - OTH radar with a range of 3,000 kilometers in radius
    13. Najm-802 - Phased array radar system
    14. Ghadir - The Ghadir radar system which covers areas (maximum) 1,100 km in distance and 300 km in altitude has been designed and built to identify aerial targets, radar-evading aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles as well as low-altitude satellites
    15. Arash - long-range radar, entered service in December 2013
    16. Ghamar (3D radar) is an Iranian native production in electronic warfare
    17. Qadir - three dimensional radar system that can detect and track aerial threats up to a range of 1,100 kilometers
    18. Fat’h 14 (Conquer 14) - with a range of 600 kilometers and can detect small airborne targets at a high altitude
    19. Me’raj 4 - ground-based long-range 3D surveillance radar system
    20. Nazir - long-range radar system with the capability of detecting radar-evading targets
    21. Bina
    22. Kavosh - based on MPQ-50
    23. Hadi[61] - based on MPQ-46
    24. Hafez - 3D phased array radar
    25. Melli - with a range of 450 km
    26. Jooya
    27. Alvand
    28. Tareq
    29. Basir-110
    30. GSR-110
    31. Ofogh
    32. 10th Shahrivar
    33. Arash I/II
    34. Mesbah
    35. Shahab
    36. Elm ol-Hoda
    37. Bashir
    38. Fath-2
    Armored Vehicles
    1. Zulfiqar tank
    2. Zulfiqar MBT tank
    3. T-72Z Safir-74 tank
    4. Mobarez tank
    5. Sabalan - tank
    6. T-72S - tank
    7. Karrar tank
    8. Sayyad - Quick reaction vehicle for unconventional warfare.
    9. Tosan - tank
    10. Cobra BMT-2 - Concept vehicle for the Boragh armed with 23 mm anti-aircraft gun for use as a fire support vehicle
    11. Boragh
    12. Rakhsh - Iranian developed 4x4 armored personnel carrier
    13. Sarir or Tala'iyeh - Newly developed 4x4 armored personnel carrier for IRGC
    14. Hoveizeh - Ultra-light tracked APC
    15. Aqareb - wheeled battle tank
    16. Heidar-5 - wheeled minelayer armored vehicle
    17. Heidar-6 - 8x8 APC
    Other vehicles
    1. Safir multipurpose vehicle
    2. Sepehr - Iranian tactical vehicle
    3. Safir Jeep
    4. Tondar 1.4ton tactical car
    5. Kaviran - 3.4ton tactical car
    6. Neynava - 4x4 military truck of Iran-made
    7. BABR 400 - 8x8 heavy military truck
    8. Aras Tactical Vehicle - 3.4ton Tactical Vehicle
    9. Zoljanah heavy truck - 10x10 heavy duty truck
    10. Zolfaqar - torpedo-armed watercraft
    11. Shahid Mohammad Nazeri - long-range and fast cruising watercraft
    12. Zafar - 8x8 heavy truck, built for Bavar 373
    13. Pooriya - Tank transporter
    14. Samandar
    15. Fallagh - ultra-light tracked combat vehicle with remote weapon station
    16. Nazir - Unmanned Ground Vehicle armed with missile
    1. 37mm Marsh Mortar - A compact commando mortar developed by the Iranian Army during the Iran-Iraq War
    2. HM 12 - 60mm mortar
    3. HM 13 - 60mm mortar
    4. HM 14 - 60mm mortar
    5. HM 15 - 81mm mortar
    6. HM 16 - 120mm mortar
    7. Razm Mortar - 120mm mortar
    8. Vafa Mortar - 160mm mortar.
    9. 120mm mortar shells
    10. 130mm mortar shells
    1. HM 40 - A 122mm howitzer
    2. HM 41 - A 155mm howitzer
    3. Wheeled 155-mm self-propelled howitzer
    4. Raad 1 - SP gun Chinese Type WZ 501/503 armored infantry fighting vehicle with Russian 122mm gun mounted on top.
    5. Raad 2 - SP gun based on the U.S. M109 howitzer
    6. Basir - Laser-guided 155 mm artillery shell capable of engaging moving targets at the range of 20 km.
    7. Sa’eqeh - remote-controlled anti-helicopter mine
    8. Baher - 23 mm-caliber anti-aircraft gun
    Rocket Artillery
    1. HM 20 - Iranian version of the BM-21
    2. Arash - Iranian 122mm unguided artillery rocket
    3. Oghab - Iranian 230mm unguided artillery rocket
    4. Falaq-1 - Iranian 240mm unguided artillery rocket similar to BM-24
    5. Falaq-2 - Iranian 333mm unguided artillery rocket
    6. Fajr-1 - Iranian version of 107mm Type 63 MRS artillery rocket
    7. Fajr-3 - artillery rocket
    8. Fajr-5 - artillery rocket
    9. Fajr 7 - artillery rocket with a range of over 64 km.
    10. Fateh-313 - solid-fuel precision-guided rocket with a range of 500km
    Small arms
    1. MPT-9 - Tondar submachine gun
    2. KH-2002 - 5.56mm bullpup conversion kit for the M-16
    3. S-5.56
    4. KL-7.62
    5. G3A6
    6. MGA3
    7. PC-9 "Zoaf"
    8. PKM-T80
    9. MGD-12.7mm
    10. Nakhjir
    11. Sayyad - Iranian Steyr HS .50 clone with slightly different muzzle brake and curved pistol grip
    12. Shaher - Iranian developed caliber 14.5 sniper rifle
    13. Arash - Indigenous 20 mm sniper rifle.
    14. Akhgar - Iranian made 7.62 mm Gatling gun capable of firing 4,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute.
    15. Moharram - Iranian made 12.7 mm Gatling gun capable of firing 2,500 rounds per minute.
    16. Fateh - Iranian clone of American XCR-L
    17. Nasr - 12.7-millimeter sniper
    18. Masaf
    19. Sama
    20. Fajr 224
    21. Baher - 23mm caliber sniper rifle
    22. Taher - sniper rifle
    23. ZOAF - pistol
    24. Siavash - sniper rifle
    25. Taktab - anti-material rifle
    26. Fateh - assault fire
    27. Nasir - 40mm automatic grenade launcher
    28. Zolfaqar
    29. Heidar - 50mm caliber sniper rifle
    Boats and destroyers
    1. Jamaran frigate
    2. Sina class - heavily upgraded, French Kaman (Combattante II) class missile boats.
    3. Paykan
    4. Joshan
    5. Derafsh
    6. Kalat
    7. Moudge class - upgraded and modified British Alvand (Saam) class (aka Vosper Mk 5 type) frigates.
    8. Jamaran - multi-mission frigate with a displacement of around 1,400 tonnes, can carry 120-140 personnel on board and is armed with a variety of anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles.
    9. Damavand
    10. Zolfaqhar - fast attack craft/missile boat
    11. Seraj - high-speed attack craft
    12. Yunes 6 - six-passenger hovercraft
    13. Tondar - Hovercraft with missile/drone launch capability
    14. Kharg - At a cost of $800 million, the new 13,000-ton vessel carries 12 Iranian strike helicopters, a crew of 200 and has a range of 8,000 nautical miles that reaches the US coast. There are five landing spots on its decks and four parking spots, as well as SM-1 and SAM anti-air missiles and 40-mm Fath-40 AAA anti-air cannon.
    15. Azarakhsh-clas missile boat - based on C 14-class missile boat
    16. Tir
    17. Ya Mahdi
    18. Bavar GEV
    1. Besat Class Submarine
    2. Ghadir Class Submarine
    3. Nahang Class Submarine
    4. Fateh Class Submarine[
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    Dec 25, 2015
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    Iran is not problem of India and we dont care about their defence Industry just Like we dont care about defence industries of brazil .........
    If they actually have so Advance Army then it is the problem of GCC countries & Israel .

    I think this is Why Saudi Arabia is Buying Hundreds of Billions $ Worth of American Weapons .
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  18. Keshav Murali

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    The city of Humidity
    Thank you for necro-ing a 4 year old post that I have no memory of even stumbling upon.
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