Defence body DRDO comes up with 'energy drink' for jawans

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    JAISALMER: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has prepared an energy mixture 'Dipship' to keep the jawans on duty energetic and active continuously. A team of experts is conducting a study and administering the energy mixture to the jawans at the BSF border-posts and headquarters and examining its effects.

    Looking to the tough geographical conditions the jawans work in like the international border adjoining Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, the drink is meant to help the jawans maintain the same energy level and enthusiasm during duty hours, BSF official sources said.

    DRDO expert teams at various border-posts and headquarters are checking the results of the drink, they said.

    The team comprises Dr Baburaj, Dr Mandu Shah, Dr Major Krishna Singh and technician Gulab Singh. The team after giving 25gm of the drink examines the energy level in jawans. Also, the energy levels before and after consuming the drink and how the jawans feel are also being examined. If the testing succeeds and jawans are able to sustain energy levels over long periods, the government would officially start providing the drink to jawans.

    "DRDO has conducted trials of the drink on many jawans at various border areas in the country and the final trial is going on at Jaisalmer border. The drink is being given to nearly 100 jawans. After collecting their urine and blood samples, the study will be conducted in Delhi," sources said.

    The study will also try to ascertain if the drink reduces the stress levels in jawans, apart from assessing its usefulness in beating the heat.
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    Hope the urine and blood samples results does not land Dipship into deepshit...
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