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Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by roma, Feb 11, 2019.

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    would admin consider a separate and specific appropriately labelled forum for the above given that the HSP human space program is gathering momentum
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    There is already a thread on India's HSP Program
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    I'd also wish that there could be separate section for Indian Space Program. We've lot of projects which aren't suitable for one thread. So, we have multiple.
    ISRO News and Updates

    Indian Mission to Mars

    Indian Human Spaceflight Program (HSP)

    India's Deep Space Exploration Observatories (Orbital)

    Indian Lunar Space Probes and Exploration

    Indian Venusian Exploration Program

    India's Solar Exploration Probes

    I've been doing with a number of threads so that updates don't get mixed in haphazard.
    @LurkerBaba I was wondering there could be a dedicated space section where all such threads are concentrated and sticked and we could create individual thread for every launch. So, ISRO News & Updates only goes for general news. It'll create a spaceflight forum within the Defense Forum at par with any dedicated spaceflight forum. Spaceflight has more fans than defence too. So, DFI is likely to get more eyes then.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I think this would be a one off request but anyways here it goes. Do we have any crazy people ( like me ) who would like to collect weather data ( ie Visible or IR images ) beamed directly down from the Indian weather sats ?

    People have been doing that for some time now with US NOAA sats and Russian Meteor sats. And it's not very difficult if you have the correct hardware and software acumen. All you need is a SDR , a correctly tuned antenna, frequency of the transmitting sat, it's location in the sky and a handful of specialised software.

    My older SDR died on me few months back and my new pair is still floating somewhere in North Atlantic (I guess). If anyone is interested you can ping me up.

    Others who just want to see how it's done... Just watch the video

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