DCNS introduces a new weapon system

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    DCNS introduces a new weapon system for submarines: anti-aircraft self-defense

    Currently, submarines have no alternative but to flee when detected by helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft. But thanks to a new air defense system developed by DCNS in cooperation with MBDA, the game is about to change.

    Indeed, to meet the needs of navies to protect their submarines from air threats, The DCNS-designed A3SM comes in two versions, both fully integrated with Subtics® combat systems:
    A3SM Mast Version (Mistral SAM)
    Video: DCNS

    - Mast version: Comprises a missile housing (that remains watertight throughout the submarine’s operating range and down to maximum diving depth) mounted on a hoistable mast and containing several short-range Mistral missiles that can be fired from periscope depth.

    A3SM Underwater vehicle version (Mica SAM)
    Video: DCNS

    - Underwater vehicle version: Comprises a torpedo-like capsule containing a medium-range (20 km) Mica missile that is tube-launchable at any depth. The capsule is similar to the type developed for submarine-launched Exocet anti-ship missiles.
    Artist impression of A3SM Underwater vehicle version (Mica SAM) in action
    (Picture: DCNS)

    These weapons are integrated with Subtics® combat systems, ensuring the overall performance of the submarine, from target designation and launch of the missile to the destruction of the target.

    DCNS introduces a new weapon system for submarines: anti-aircraft self-defense
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    Holy Hell
    There is a similar submarine launched version for the Raytheon Aim-9x. Don't know if it is operational though.
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    A helicopter would have to get within Mistral range to launch a short-range torpedo, but if you have to expose yourself to fire there is a 50/50 chance there is already a torpedo in the water. The Russians use MANPADs in their designs which was always a suicide option. This is less of a suicide option being launched submerged, but definitely a last resort defence. The range Mistral has could keep ASW helos launching short-ranged torpedoes out of range for them to intercept.

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