DCNS anticipates future applications with its new SMX 26 submarine

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    DCNS anticipates future applications with its new SMX 26 submarine concept-ship

    At this year’s Euronaval show, DCNS unveiled its new concept-ship, SMX 26, a small submarine designed for operation in very shallow waters, in littoral zones not usually accessible for conventional submarine operations.

    SMX 26 can remain on the sea bed for long periods, continuously monitoring its environment, before attacking its target with the appropriate assets.

    Marie Nicod, SMX-26 Naval Architect, gave us details on DCNS' new submarine concept ship
    during Euronaval 2012

    Its shape ensures precise, safe progress in very shallow waters, enabling operation in water less than 15 m deep. Its two shaft-lines and its four steerable and retractable azimuth thrusters give the SMX 26 extreme manoeuvrability and the ability to remain in a stabilized position near the bottom or just under the surface in swell.
    The SMX 26’s capacity for long discreet surveillance is also noteworthy. It is capable of ‘landing’ very quickly on all types of sea bed thanks to a extendable wheeled ‘undercarriage’ system, and lurking on the bottom, deploying hoses to the surface for air and power. Its embedded and deployed sensors maintain a complete watch above and below the surface.
    The SMX 26 can take rapid and effective action, including the deployment of six special forces divers at depth or at the surface for catching targets ‘in the act’. It also has two mast-mounted weapon systems: a 20 mm cannon for policing capability and missile launch container for anti-aircraft self- defence. Its main offensive armament comprises two heavyweight torpedoes and eight lightweight torpedoes with heavy warheads.

    DCNS anticipates future applications with its new SMX 26 submarine concept-ship
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    the concept of this next generation,completely new submarine is fantastic
    the concept of hose for air exchange is very impressive.seems definitely every submarine makes it a standard
    first congratulations for dcns as this project seems to be a great success

    but some one pls clear my doubts
    1.this video shows the submarine has the potential to land on sea bed, but previously in the video they said that maximum diving depth is 150meters only.
    so will this advantage be limited only to shallow waters near the coast?
    2. if its possible to land and again rise to surface can this concept be applied to existing submarines thank you
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    This is a special type of submarine the features are inherent because of its intended use. Usually carrying 4 - 6 special forces for commando insertion in enemy territories. They are no longer than 10 - 12 meters in length., the features are not beneficial for existing submarines hence not implemented.

    The diving depth is 150 meters maximum, since they are required for force insertion, they usually piggy back on mother ships / subs and get separated nearer to the shore where the special forces can disembark as and when ordered without anyone noticing.
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    i like sub to air missile we should have something like that enemy aircraft or heli will have shock of life when hunter become hunt.

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