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    If you want to see rajnikant type mara-mari and corny dialogues like '' Chhedi singh , mai tum-mhey goli maar maar ke ,maar maar ke, itne chhed kar doonga ke confuse ho jaaogey ke saans kaha se ley ,aur paadey kaha sey !! '' ,then this is the film for you.

    Another dialogue ( by a constable to a band which refuses to play at salman's wedding because of lack of pay )-- '' agar band nahi bajaaogey to chulbulji dono legs ke beech mey itna maarengey ,itna maarengey ,ki na bajne ke kaam aaogey ,na bajaaney ke ''

    Then again salman to his step-dad-- '' humney zindagi mey bohot dukh sahey hai , peheley pitaji ke jaane ka , phir aapke aaney ka ,aur ab aap bhi chale jaayengey to hum to mental hee ho jaayengey .''

    The only thing I liked amidst all the dhishum-dhishum was sonakshi sinha ,who looks sexy even without exposing much ,except some backless or low back cut blouses.

    On the other hand ,it was heart warming to see the classes arrive in full force for a movie obviously meant for the masses.........the tickets ,even at 400 rupees for the 10 pm show ,were sold house full at PVR multiplex .........this MAN ,salMAN ,is obviously a STAR ,with a capital S........he can certainly draw in the crowds...........

    Salman's entry caused seetis and talis reserved for superstars of yesterday......taalis even from the mini-skirted babes !!

    Of course ,as the movie wore on ,the taalis were more sarcastic in tone.......

    So its a movie primarily directed at the masses......who will decide the fate of the film.

    If salman manages to make a success of a film as stupid as this.....and he well may.....he will have established himself as the modern day gareebon kaa amitabh ( as mithun was called ) ,or the gareebon ka mithun ( as govinda was called ).........

    Mercifully , he removes his shirt only in the end ,as his muscles expand tearing apart the shirt........the greatest seetis came at this point........

    Mercifully for me , it was also time to leave........
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    Keshobhai, this thread is not about fatwas but about the movie. I hope we are clear about it. ;)
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    Class ki movie thee
    Loved it....

    One of the best movie of this year
    Had no story actually but still was great

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