D-gang promises revenge for shooting that targetted his brother

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    D-gang promises revenge for shooting that targetted his brother
    India - 20 may 2011

    MUMBAI: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has set up his own investigation into the shooting at Pakmodia Street in which his brother had a narrow escape, said a source in the underworld speaking from Dubai. Even as Mumbai police and crime branch teams attempt to solve the mystery of who would order a hit on Dawood's home turf, the D-gang has promised retaliation as soon as it uncovers the truth, said the source.

    The Dubai source added that Dawood asked his lieutenant Chhota Shakeel to conduct the probe. "Since Shakeel started making his own inquiries, Chhota Rajan called up a common friend and swore that he was not behind any attack on Dawood's family. Rajan is believed to have said that he would not do such a thing knowing that he would put the lives of his relatives, including wife Sujata and brother Deepak Nikhalje, who are in Mumbai, at risk," said the Dubai source. However, a TV channel reported that Shakeel has promised to take revenge on Rajan for the killing of Bael.

    Gangsters Santosh Shetty and Vijay Shetty, who last year bumped off Bharat Nepali in Bangkok, have also called up Shakeel to say they were not behind the shooting, said the source.

    A senior police officer said that Rajan man Ubed may have hatched the conspiracy to kill Bael over a trivial dispute. Ubed was a wanted accused in the Asif Dadhi firing in 2009. His shooter had fired on Dadhi, who escaped with minor injuries. Two innocent bystanders were killed. Now a member of a political party, Dadhi was at one time associated with the Dawood gang.

    However, the D-gang refuses to believe Bael was the sole target. "We just can't believe that they had come to kill Bael, a small-time resident from Jogeshwari who travelled unarmed in local trains. We don't buy the police theory that Kaskar was not the target. To kill a simple man like Bael, why would they have three imported sophisticated weapons and extra cartridges, three mobiles and Rs 18,000 in cash. We cannot digest this," said the Dubai source.

    The crime branch last year arrested two Rajan shooters, Mohammed Ali Jaan Ahmed Shaikh and Pranay Manohar Rane, and seized a .38-bore US-made revolver in the Dadhi case. The two gunmen had used the same weapon to kill bookie Chhote Miya, who was associated with the Dawood gang in 2009. Chhote Miya had failed to pay debts arising out of IPL betting and the punters had then approached Rajan for revenge. Senior police officers said they are zeroing in on Ubed's role after comparing Tuesday's shooting to the attempt to kill Dadhi and the murder of Miya.

    A senior crime branch official said the foreign revolvers seized from Billal Sayyed, 29, and Indralal Khatri, 28, Bael's killers, are similar to some of the weapons seized at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in 2005. The police had seized a consignment of foreign-made weapons concealed in barrels of grease and sent by Rajan for his shooters.

    The police are probing the three foreign guns — two .38 and one .45-bore — seized from Sayyed and Khatri. The police said the arrested men are not revealing much about their handlers and the weapons had been given to them a few days before the crime. Officers said such guns are not easily available in Mumbai.

    "In the recent past, no such weapon was used for crime by gangsters and we are trying to get a clue in the case through the recovered weapons. The revolvers are not new and it appears that they have been used in the past too," said additional commissioner of police (crime) Deven Bharti. Police earlier estimated the guns cost about Rs 2.5 lakh each.

    The arrested duo have revealed some details of how they were approached for the operation. A person they do not know called them up and asked them to meet in Mumbai. The duo, along with a couple of other men, were put up at a city hotel for a while. The shooters were taken to Pakmodia Street two days before the killing and shown the target, Bael, from a distance. Police officers said that, during interrogation, the killers said they didn't know much about their handler or the motive behind the killing. The arrested duo have provided descriptions of their associates along with first names, Raju and Rahman bhai, but police said they believe the names are false.

    Deputy commissioner of police (operations) Rajkumar Vhatkar said, "We are verifying whatever details the arrested men told us during the interrogation."

    Dawood, who is reportedly in Karachi, has been known to be under increased stress following the American operation to kill terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, who was found in Abbottabad, north of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

    Shakeel is now calling up his contacts in the city to ask about the investigation, said sources. With Rajan and the two Shettys washing their hands of the killing, the needle of suspicion points to Ravi Pujari. But the Mumbai police ruled out Pujari or any other gang that is familiar with Dawood's network. In 2001, Shakeel's henchmen, led by Mohammed Munna Zingada, barged into a hotel in Bangkok and made an attempt on Rajan. While Rajan escaped, his close aide Rohit Verma was killed.

    The crime branch is looking at gangsters who have split from larger outfits. "After Bharat Nepali's killing earlier this year, there is a further split in the Nepali gang. There is so much confusion and in the khichdi we don't know who is backing whom. Some of them have joined Santosh Shetty and the foot soldiers of Nepali may have wanted revenge," said a crime branch official.

    Security agencies are worried about an all-out bloodbath once the identity of who gave the orders is known.

    Source: the Times of India
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    I feel ashamed that this man is glorified to this day in Hindi movies too bad Indian forces have not been able to sent him back to his gutter.
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    Bihar, BanGalore , India
    Ir really Commendable that D gang is able to survive here in India despite indirect support of government support to various Rival gangs. Maybe because some powerful politicians are in his pocket . No need to tell their names .

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