D-company watch thread. ‘ISI, Pak Army at Dawood son's wedding’

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    Pakistan may continue to deny the presence on its soil of India’s most wanted fugitive, Dawood Ibrahim, but reports received by the Indian security and intelligence establishments prove that the man continues to flourish there. So much so that he even had officials of Pakistan’s ISI, including his ISI “handler”, attending his son’s wedding late last month.

    A classified report prepared by Indian intelligence agencies, a copy of which is with this newspaper, details how officials from Pakistan’s intelligence establishment, including the ISI, attended the walima (reception) of the mafia don’s son, Moin Nawaz, on September 25 at the White House, as his mansion in Karachi’s posh Clifton neighbourhood is called. The report also gives the details of close business associates of Dawood who were present at the wedding.

    The report says that officers from three units of the ISI — the Special Operations Group (SOG), Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB) and External Intelligence Wing — were present at the walima. It says that Brig. Rashid Husain Shahid of the JIB, who is said to be Dawood’s “handler” in the ISI and whose children’s education abroad is funded by Dawo-od, was at the wedding. The SOG was represented by Col. Ashwaq Ahmed and Maj. Sadiq Khan. Col Ahmed heads the SOG’s commando unit, which is involved in several “tactical operations in Baluchis-tan and NWFP”. Two officers of the External Intel-ligence Wing, Col. Rehman Rashid and Lt. Rashidullah Khan, were also there, according to the report.

    Two officers of the Pakistan Rangers, Lt. Col. Shuj-ul-Pasha and Lt. Col. Asidur Reham — were also at the event, says the report.
    “Our information is that some more officers from the Pakistan Army and security establishment were present at the reception but even our sources could not identify all of them as they were in civilian clothes,” said a top Indian intelligence official.

    ‘ISI, Pak Army at don son wedding’ | The Asian Age
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    Instead of targetting poor pak soldiers, talibs could have send atleast a couple of fidayeens or a human bomb to the venue and do some fire works to make the event a memorable one

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