CWG scam: CAG report indicts PMO & slams Sheila Dikshit by pointing to 'enormous bung

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    NEW DELHI: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which was tabled in the Parliament on Friday, indicts the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) for the appointment of Suresh Kalmadi as the Organising Committee Chief. The report also indicts Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit for mis-spending in the Games's preparation.

    The report running into nearly 800 pages is damaging for the scam-tainted Congress party and the UPA government it leads at the centre since it has sucked into its vortex the party's "best chief minister" Sheila Dikshit and also the PMO.

    Addressing the media, Rekha Gupta, deputy CAG, said there were numerous instances of "single tendering" and the awarding of contracts to "ineligible vendors".

    The process was inconsistent so as to favour particular bidders, she said, while disclosing details of the report tabled in parliament earlier in the day.

    Stating that there was "active involvement of the (Delhi) chief minister", she said favours were granted to vendors who were not qualified.

    The report states, "Suresh Kalmadi was appointed CWG OC Chairman on PMO's recommendation of December 2004 despite objections from then sports minister."

    The report said the PMO was responsible for appointing Suresh Kalmadi as Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) chairman.

    Besides the union sports and urban development ministry, the Delhi Development Authority, which reports to the Delhi Lt Governor, were indicted too.

    The CAG pointed out financial irregularities in the purchase of low-floor buses, construction of bus shelters, street lighting and the LED light panels used on the buses of Delhi.

    According to the CAG report, Sheila Dikshit has been blamed of costing the treasury Rs 31 crores in losses by approving inflated contracts (street lighting) during the preparations of the Commonwealth Games.

    CAG has also accused the Delhi government of making the losses by deciding to use imported street lighting for the Games held here in October last year.

    Soon after the report was tabled, the BJP attacked the Congress, holding that Sheila Dikshit must resign immediately.

    "This is a serious loss of face to the government. The PM and others owe an explanation. The PM must take responsibility. This PM is not a free prime minister," said BJP leader Balbir Punj.

    BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy said there can be no two standards for corruption and Dikshit must step down.

    The Congress, however, initially ruled out the possibility of Sheila Dikshit stepping down.

    "Let the Parliament first debate the report first and not the resignation of Dikshit. This is not comparable with the Yeddyurappa issue involving illegal mining and destruction of environment.

    "This is about a contract to a particular firm which may not be the best," reasoned union law minister Salman Khurshid.

    CWG scam: CAG report indicts PMO & slams Sheila Dikshit by pointing to 'enormous bungling'
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    Re: CWG scam: CAG report indicts PMO & slams Sheila Dikshit by pointing to 'enormous

    So the cock has come back to roost. Ms.Dixit your days are numbered now. As it is there are plenty in the DPCC who are ready to dump you, this will give them an excuse.
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    Re: CWG scam: CAG report indicts PMO & slams Sheila Dikshit by pointing to 'enormous

    Sheila Dixit, the rave of the Delhi glitteratti and the chatterati and the Apple of Sonia Maharaj's eye nabbed?

    Not at all.

    The Teflon Queen will escape!

    She will charm her way out with some lip twisting and bring out some Anglicized Hindi words and fool the people as she has always done.

    The benign palm of Sonia maharaj will always be above her head!
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