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    KOCHI:Inspired by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India,’ campaign which lays thrust on defence manufacturing and fired up by the imagination of the nation and the world alike, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), an R&D centre in Kerala under Union Department of Electronics & Information Technology, has indigenously developed two niche technologies required for missile navigation systems, satellite communication, mobile base station applications, and automotive-health sector, which will officially be transferred to industries for commercial production on Friday.

    Speaking to Express, Dr R Ratheesh, Scientist E, C-MET, said this is one of the major steps in the indigenous development of electronic materials required for strategic sectors like defence, considering the fact that India still depends mostly on foreign countries for many advanced electronic components required for our strategic sectors like defence, atomic energy and space technology. Often, developed nations do not supply critical electronics materials to strategic sectors because of international policies and embargoes. As a result, many of our important projects with national importance are stalled for want of such materials, he said.

    According to scientists at the C-MET, the Centre has developed niche composite microwave circuit boards suitable for missile navigation systems, satellite communication and mobile base station applications through an indigenously developed SMECH process.

    Currently these microwave circuit boards are available only from USA and they fall under embargo category since it is extensively used for defence applications.

    In order to circumvent this impediment, C-MET has taken up this developmental activity and successfully developed copper cladded microwave circuit boards suitable for strategic applications.

    The indigenously developed microwave substrates are successfully used in atomic energy sectors.

    The testing of the component in missile guidance system is currently under progress with Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad said Ratheesh, who led the project. The technology will be transferred to M/s. Speelam Electromaterials Private Limited, Hyderabad. Two US and one Indian patent applications were filed to protect the intellectual property rights of these critical components, said Dr V Kumar, Director, C-MET, adding this is expected to reduce the size of microwave circuits considerably.

    The scientists have also developed NTC Chip thermistors, which are extensively used for accurate temperature measurement and control in automobiles, medical field and electronic appliances.

    C-MET is also transferring the NTC fast response thermal sensors technology to an industry for the indigenous development of thermal sensor under ‘Make in India’ programme.

    The new component is expected to replace mercury glass thermometers using for measuring human body temperature in health sector, they said. Dr Debashis Datta, Advisor, Union Ministry of Communication and IT, will officially hand over two technologies to industry on Friday at C-MET in Thrissur.
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