Current Status of Polish Naval Modernization Program

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    (Source: Dziennik Zbrojny; published April 11, 2014) By Mariusz Cielma An accelerated purchase of a second Coastal Missile Squadron armed with Kongsberg NSM missiles, the resignation from the cruise on new submarines or plans to carry out a tender to build Swordfish (Miecznik) missile corvettes and Heron (Czajka) patrol ships, are just some of the information that is shown on the first of April this year during a meeting of the parliamentary sub- committee for the defense industries and the modernization of the Polish army. In a meeting, besides parliament members, took part : Deputy Defense Minister Czeslaw Mroczek (responsible for purchases for the Armed Forces), vice admiral Waldemar Gluszko (Deputy Chief of General Staff Polish Armed Forces) and commodore Dariusz Olejnik (responsible for marine tender procedures in the Inspectorate of Armaments). In the case of submarines (codename Orca, Orka in Polish) it is estimated to acquire two units until 2022 and a third unit by 2025. Until the 15th of April the Inspectorate of Armaments is leading in this topic a technical dialogue with the potential bidders. The start of a tender procedure for the construction of new submarines is expected in the third quarter of the year 2014. According to the minister Mroczek, in the Polish requirements there is no plan to arm submarines with maneuvering missiles (cruise). The ships will also not be built in Poland.The second project concerns the construction of a Kormoran II minehunter (the program assumes the construction of three ships). The contract for its construction was signed on the 23rd of September 2013 with the Polish consortium headed by Shipbuilding Repair Shipyard in Gdansk.

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    Current Status of Polish Naval Modernization Program

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