CRPF wants used US vehicles from Iraq, Afghanistan to combat maoists

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    The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) wants the Centre to purchase used mine resistant and ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs) from the US, which has deployed them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    A message has been delivered to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), highlighting that the ever-growing sophistication in combat tactics of Maoists calls for urgent modernisation of the forces.

    The CRPF has recommended to the home ministry that purchasing these used MRAPs will be far less expensive than making new purchases.

    "At present, the CRPF is facing attacks using IEDs, which are very basic in nature and generally found in jungle areas. Maoists are likely to come up with more technologically sophisticated IEDs in near future. Maoists may use these IEDs once they shift their movement to urban areas," a CRPF note sent to the home ministry stated.

    "The US forces are withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. These MRAPs are also being withdrawn and will be available in spare in the US," the CRPF note said.

    The CRPF has urged the government to provide the force with equipment that can counter the IED threat.

    Other than the MRAPs, the CRPF has also listed equipment and technology that are needed to counter the high threat posed by IEDs. Explosive detectors or field labs that will facilitate easy discovery of IEDs will be effective in eliminating the menace.

    There have been nearly 450 deaths in the force due to IED explosions and dying in ambushes laid by the Maoists has accounted for more than 50 per cent of the killings in the force.

    Sources said that over the last few years, the rebels have switched to planting explosives rather than engaging in direct combat with the forces. "The strategy ensures that there is mass casualty and the risk of casualty on their side is much less," a CRPF officer said.

    Till now, according to sources, they have been making IEDs which are of a localised nature, but with their expertise increasing the rebels have become experts at it and have the potential to put together a remotecontrolled bomb that can cause much more damage.

    In the wake of this threat, the CRPF has written to the home ministry stating that the force needs a "futuristic approach."

    "We should be ready to face the emerging challenges successfully," the CRPF note said.

    The CRPF is also of the view that there is a need to develop forensic and biometric capabilities that can be used in field areas where different IEDs, explosive and remnants can be collected and scrutinised.

    It is also recommended that the "bomb library" on the lines of one which is created in the US be started in India to analyse different kinds of explosives.

    Read more at: CRPF wants used US vehicles from Iraq, Afghanistan to combat maoists : India, News - India Today
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    Re: CRPF wants used US vehicles from Iraq, Afghanistan to combat maois

    Steering wheel will be on the other side for American vehicles, hope CRPF has considered this.

    Other point being that American MRAP have higher centre of gravity, have to be extra careful on a turn and corners. This point had come from a report discouraging American police agencies using MRAP in civilian areas state side. No info on which model of MRAP was this report referring to.
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    Re: CRPF wants used US vehicles from Iraq, Afghanistan to combat maois

    Early in the Iraqi campaign USA wanted MRAPs from India, GoI refused. Now we want to buy used MRAPs from USA. Says lot isn't it?

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