CRPF goes all out to scale up its armoury

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    CRPF goes all out to scale up its armoury - Indian Express
    The CRPF is all set to procure hand-held laser range finders (HHLRF) and Belgium-made FN Minimi Light Machine Guns (LMG) in a bid to add more teeth to its fight against Maoists. The Home Ministry had already sanctioned its procurement. CRPF officials said the process to buy the weapons are in the final stage.
    The force will be equipped with more than 600 HHLRF and around 2,500 passive night vision weapon sights (PNV). The demand for PNVs was expedited after CRPF came under fire for its Bijapur encounter in Chhattisgarh in July. In the operation, 19 people including nine alleged Maoistswere killed. The operation was carried out in the night and there were allegations that the CRPF opened fire on innocent villagers, a claim strongly refuted by the force.The MHA has sanctioned around Rs 70 crore to buy these devices.
    The new breed of Belgian Shepherd Malinois, which were raised by the CRPF last year and used in operations against the Maoists, have been trained with HHLRFs. The dogs are capable of attacking any suspect who has been identified with the help of the laser beam. These devices will come in handy during situations whenthe suspect is trying to hide in a crowd. The MHA has sanctioned Rs 2 crore to buy quality jungle shoes. To detect the presence of IED’s, the CRPF also plans to buy fresh sets of wire locators.
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