CRPF gets NETRA drones

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    Indian security forces armed with Netra drones


    Indian Border Guard Service and the internal forces (Central Reserve Police Force, CRPF) have adopted a new unmanned aerial vehicle Netra. According to Daily Bhaskar, apparatus will be used to fight terrorists and insurgents.

    According to the newspaper, Netra UAV was developed by IdeaForge supported by the Defence Research and Development (DRDO) of India. As the Daily Bhaskar, first shown in the development of IdeaForge Bollywood comedy "Three idiot" ("3 Idiots"), published in 2009. Indian security officials have demonstrated the device in 2011.

    According to the DRDO, was quoted by IANS, a total of 10 prototypes have been developed and each UAV force structure may make suggestions for necessary modifications. As the Daily Bhaskar, Netra can be used in situations such as terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008 to patrol the border areas, in search and rescue operations and for airborne terrain.

    Netra UAV is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, weighs three pounds and can lift up to 300 grams. The device is able to move within a radius of one mile and at an altitude of up to one hundred meters. The battery life of the battery is Netra half an hour.

    Indian drone equipped with mobile digital high resolution camera with a 2.5-fold increase. The resulting image can Netra broadcast live operator or stored on the drive. In case of loss of communication with the base or low battery UAV is equipped with a safety mechanism that allows the device itself back to the launch site.

    According to the Daily Bhaskar, the cost is estimated at 1.8-2 drone million rupees (36-40 thousand dollars). In the future, as expected, the price of it can be reduced. Оружие: Индийские силовики вооружились беспилотниками Netra
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