Criticism towards Gulnara Karimova on the Internet

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    Criticism towards Gulnara Karimova in the internet has being intensified

    According to the sources in Tashkent the recent information that the Uzbek President’s daughter Gulnara Karimova has severely criticized local pop-music has its certain continuation. Along with complimentary odes to Gulnara Karimova in Twitter stating that “she is the only one who cares about music in Uzbekistan” there have also a lot of critical reviews appeared in her regard in the comments. The main point of these comments is that first – it’s Gulnara Karimova’s fault that “the Uzbek estrade is glossed-over, conjunctured and despicable”. However, soon the editors and administrators of the Gulnara Karimova’s Twitter’s page have deleted all the critical comments leaving only dithyrambs to her. As well as her father, Gulnara Karimova cannot stand being criticized. She censors the local internet space, where one could think it was possible to express thoughts freely.
    The experts’ opinion is that the crisis in music industry of Uzbekistan in general reflects the crisis that the society faced. In totalitarian state where the authorities control everything there is no space left for creativity. As is generally known that President Karimov personally points out the singers and musicians who are allowed to be shown on the air of the state TV and radio and who are not and which songs and music are necessary for the Uzbeks and which are deleterious. Youth music trends popular all over the world such as rock, hip-hop and others are banned. In the conditions of strict ideological framework the Uzbek pop music has to accommodate. It is allowed to sing songs about love to motherland, Independence and thank odes to the “padishah”.
    However along with state TV and radio there are private TV channels in Uzbekistan, owned by Gulnara Karimova. There are foreign films being shown there in violation of copyright, news about Gulanara Karimova’s life, creativity and activity and despicable Uzbek pop songs shown for money as well.
    The observers believe that these broadcasted over TV and radio cannot be called art. The situation within the Uzbek pop-culture is regrettable. There is a clan which members decide whether a certain performer to be famous or not. And if that performer does not have ties and a lot of money his rise at the local Olympus is impossible, no matter if the person is a really talented singer. Everything that is not controlled by the state is under “Forum of Culture and Art” Fund’s control, which as everybody knows belongs to Gulnara Karimova. This is the clan which filtrates the Uzbek youth pop-music. If the singer takes active part in the Forum Fund’s events, sings songs devoted to Gulnara Karimova he has a chance to become popular. It does not matter how good the lyrics is, their depth and uniqueness. Such policy led by the President’s daughter excludes the possibility for an outstanding person who can really attract the youth’s attention to appear among the Uzbek pop-singers.
    Mostly Gulnara Karimova’s dissatisfaction with the Uzbek youth music expressed in bombast words in Twitter seems ridiculous. The Uzbek leader’s daughter never gets tired of trying to introduce herself to the world as a very talented person in art. She is supposed to write lyrics, compose music, sing songs and create jewels and design garments as well. In fact Gulnara Karimova for most of sober-minded people is not the person who is notable for her profundity of thought, knowledge or talents. Maybe she has some potentialities as a manager but it is also questionable. It is not difficult to be a manager having tremendous administrative and financial resources.
    Experts are entangled by the cri de coeur (cry from the heart) of the Uzbek President’s daughter concerning the quality of Uzbek pop-music also because it is difficult to say that the songs sang by Gulnara Karimova herself are profound and original. What is the meaning of her song “Round Run” which is full by the meaningless words, and in the music video there is a course expert trampling down national object of worship? Or what is the profundity of “Dignare” song in the music video of which Dilfuza Kubaeva, a talented and favourite Uzbek actress was made up to roam about the streets with idiocy smile on her face? What meaning has the song “The Sky Keeps Silent” which was sang together with Gerard Depardieu? Maestro making his best tried to save the song but it is impossible to cover up colourless voice of Gulnara Karimova and hackneyed lyrics.
    Michael Nikolskiy, a Russian music critic, who was offered Gulnara Karimova’s songs (the name of the singer was not mentioned), has considered the songs as lower than of the medium level. The music critic supposed these songs were sung in karaoke-bars. Michael Nikolskiy has indignantly rejected the opinion that the singer’s voice was identified as mezzo-soprano. Mezzo-soprano is a rare female voice endowed with intensity, flexibility and liveliness which allows singing complicated passages, grace notes and roulades. The music critic found it difficult to classify Gulnara Karimova’s voice, having mentioned that “this toneless voice of a heavy smoker” does not identified in music classification. “One cannot sing songs having such a voice” – Michael Nikolskiy stated.
    In general the observers mention that the number of critical comments at Gulnara Karimova’s Twitter page has grown recently. The sources in the company providing internet to Gulnara Karimova shared the information that the staff of the Forum Fund had repeatedly consultations with the programmers on the issue of filtration of content at the Twitter page of the Uzbek President’s daughter. It seems that the specialists from the Forum Fund cannot cope on their own with growing stream of critical comments in Twitter to any type of Gulnara Karimova’s activity.

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