Create a Microsoft, Google in India, Narendra Modi tells college stude

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    Create a Microsoft, Google in India, Narendra Modi tells college students

    BJP's Narendra Modi addressed college students at the convocation of SRM University at Dr TP Ganesan Auditorium in Kattankulathur, Chennai on Sunday. Following are the highlights of his speech:

    Satya Nadella's appointment is good news for India: Narendra Modi at Chennai university event
    I urge you to create a Microsoft in India: Modi
    India is a land of ancient universities that produced scholars like Aryabhatt.
    Always remember the motherland and the contribution it has made in your nurturing.
    Do whatever you can towards the development of this country.
    Even after 65 years of independence, we have not been able to focus on education.
    Knowledge is going to be the biggest wealth and tool to fight poverty.
    It is sad that none of our universities have global ranking.
    Institution building has to begin with the government.
    It is our commitment to establish an IIT, IIM, AIIMS in every state of our country.
    India is a young nation with 65 per cent of its population below 35 years of age.
    Skill development need of the hour.
    We have graduates with no skills.
    We take 10 years to do things that can be done in 10 days.
    Skill, speed and scale are the three recipes for India's success.
    Sardar Patel worked towards the unity of the country, so we decided to make his statue.
    Why make a small Sardar Patel statue? So we thought we will make it the world's tallest.
    Duniya jhukti hai, jhukane wala chahiye (The world bows, we need the one who can make that happen).
    Our demographic dividend is our biggest strength.
    We need to secure our sovereignty and integrity with more modern equipment.
    From my own experience, I can say that it's all possible, nothing is impossible.
    We have rivers to be cleaned and interlinked.
    India is passing through a crisis of trust.
    Philanthropists not trusted to create an institution of their dreams.
    I particularly encourage young men and women to participate in national affairs.
    Youngsters want to live in an equitable and developed India.
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