Crack! Sound of a joke amid bullets

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    Crack! Sound of a joke amid bullets


    Srinagar, Oct. 22: When the going gets tense, joke.

    Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde did just that today during a visit to Jammu where he mingled with India’s border troops to pep them up in the face of increasing ceasefire violations.

    “Do you enjoy firing on the enemy?” Shinde asked as he interacted with the jawans of the BSF that mans the International Border.

    “Yes, Sir,” came the reply.

    “During day and night?”

    “Yes, Sir,” the jawans chorused again.

    The minister smiled. “Good,” he said.

    “We always take action,” Shinde told reporters later. “But more is needed. Our jawans are ready and they are working day and night for the service of the nation.”

    The minister’s visit to Jammu came on a day Major General Subroto Saha from the Indian Directorate General of Military Operations and his Pakistan counterpart Major General Ameer Riaz spoke over the phone in what army sources described as a “routine” conversation.

    Shinde arrived in Jammu as Pakistani guns continued to target Indian forward positions — on the International Border last night and in the Poonch sector on the Line of Control this morning.

    The home minister, along with chief minister Omar Abdullah, flew in a chopper to Samba district after landing at Jammu airport. Shinde attended a BSF “Sainik Sammelan” where he lauded the force’s efforts in guarding the borders. Union home secretary Anil Goswami and BSF DG Subhash Joshi accompanied him.

    Shinde also talked tough.

    “Sometimes we have to compromise for something. But I am also with the opinion of the chief minister that we cannot take that position always. When injustice has been done, we have to be aggressive,” he said, asked about Omar’s tit-for-tat cry yesterday that India needed to look at options other than words if Pakistan continued to violate the border truce.

    There have been over 200 ceasefire violations so far by Pakistan this year, 40 on the International Border in Jammu. Since October 16, Pakistani forces have opened fire 28 times, according to the BSF.

    Shinde said the Centre would take up the ongoing border flare-up with Pakistan. He appeared to suggest there couldn’t be talks with Pakistan in the current environment. “There has to be an atmosphere for cordial talks,” he said in reply to a question.

    An army officer said Pakistani troops opened unprovoked fire at 10.35 this morning, using small arms and mortars. The pounding lasted some 40 minutes. “The firing was effectively retaliated,” the officer said.

    Earlier, Pakistani Rangers violated the ceasefire overnight in the Abdullian area of RS Pura sector.

    On Hafiz Saeed’s possible involvement in the border flare-up, Shinde said the Lashkar-e-Toiba founder might be visiting villages along the LoC to help infiltrators enter India.

    Crack! Sound of a joke amid bullets


    What a cockeyed joke!

    “Do you enjoy firing on the enemy?”

    What did he expect them to say.

    That they love to take hafta from the smugglers

    This shows how unlettered the Ministers are about the activities of the SF.

    Instead of asking more operation oriented question, he ask a most idiotic one that belies intelligence or does he feel that the BSF men are so stupid that they cannot engage in more serious issues on security or their well being.

    Shinde also talked tough it is said.

    “Sometimes we have to compromise for something. But I am also with the opinion of the chief minister that we cannot take that position always. When injustice has been done, we have to be aggressive,”

    Hollow words.

    The Govt should put its money where the mouth is and not be mealy mouthed spouting inane sentences that they have no will to implement!

    It is good to know Major General Subroto Saha is the DGNO. He was a student of mine.
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    Right. The real joke probably is ROE.
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    Even a most junior soldier has more class than Shinde. It must be very hard to pretend to respect him.
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    maybe this was his idea of boosting the morale of soldiers.........anyway talks should be less and action should be more

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