Corruption in High Places in UK

Discussion in 'Europe and Russia' started by Ray, Feb 23, 2015.

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    One is used to the West moralising on India, its corruption unethical practices and so on. Some of our Western posters like @jouni never misses a turn when it comes to chastise India and hold the West up as the sole moral index of the world and that all should emulate the West.

    And yet, they carry out corruption merrily themselves.

    Note how slime is their own practices in high places and how neatly with semantics they cover their under the table activities.

    To those Westerners who chastise India for all the things wrong, ethically and morally, I would only request them to learn the Urdu saying - Hamam me sab nanga (all are Nude in the Bathhouse),
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    Influence peddling is old trade in the Western empire. There are hordes of lobbying firms in Washington DC, with billions of dollars of revenue generated by these firms every year.

    The true nature of American power has revealed after 2001 and 2007 crashes. Intelligent people who have lived all their working lives in the USA now admit privately that American power is no different from British power. Both are actually kleptocracy though very refined and sophisticated.

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