Convincing information that Haqqani network in Pak: US Senate

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    Convincing information that Haqqani network in Pak: US Senate

    Islamabad: Maintaining that there is clear and convincing information that the Haqqani network is operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Chairman of US Senate 's Armed Services Committee Senator John McCain said the insurgent group should not have a safe haven in Islamabad.

    In an interview with ARY News, McCain said that Pakistan should take action against the Haqqani network "involved in killing a number of US soldiers and citizens in Afghanistan". "Haqqani network should not have a safe haven in Pakistan," Dawn quoted him as saying.

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    He added that Washington wants action against this common adversary and betterment of relations between the Kabul and Islamabad.The senator dodged the question about Mullah Fazlullah's presence in Afghanistan and instead reminded the interviewer about Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden's presence in Pakistan.

    He also reminded about Pakistan's presumed inaction against Haqqani network.

    "Now there is an act of Congress which says that the President has to certify that government of Pakistan will take action against Haqqani network before sending money in aid, the President could not certify," he claimed.

    John McCain asserted that he wants U.S. to help Pakistan in rebuilding infrastructure in its tribal areas for Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) - facilitating their return towards respectable lives in their areas.

    Impressed by Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif's leadership skills, he hoped that the general continues to lead Islamabad. "I saw him how he interacts with other officers in the army. In one meeting, he also brought the ISI chief to discuss issues with us. Our dialogue with him was regarding Pakistan's relations with Afghanistan and how we can improve ties between US and Pakistan," he said.

    Terming the situation in Waziristan agency satisfying, he lauded the armed forces for clearing Miranshah town off terrorists.

    "I and my fellow senators spent several hours there in Miranshah and met the military leadership. We were surprised to know that 6,000 Pakistani soldiers lost their lives and 16,000 were injured, which is a very very heart breaking number," he added McCain.

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    Our esteemed Terrorist Paki Panel: @Neo @Raja.pakistani @Zarvan @musalman @Zulfiqar Khan
    It's proven since ages that Pakistan is the biggest heaven of Terrorists.

    Recently a Paki even attacked Prophet's Mosque, why did you attack your own Prophet's Mosque????? If a non-Muslim had done it then you would have created riots.Your terrorists are attacking it's roots now.
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    When will these usa buggers will know that all the terrorism in the world is in Pakistan. Usa is a joke on the face of the earth in this matter. Hope they give up nato and sit at home watch baseball with bangles on to There hands. Assh$oles cant understand there ally who is a terrorist.

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