Contagious laughter grips German train .

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    Laughing 'virus' video shows giggles spread contagiously on train : [video][/video]

    It starts with just one woman's chuckles, but before long it seems every passenger on the train is laughing — about nothing.

    Video showing giggles spreading contagiously among people on a crowded train in Germany has become a hit online.

    The mobile phone footage, uploaded to YouTube on December 7, first shows a blonde woman apparently sniggering at something on her phone.

    While most passengers ignore her to start with, a few begin to giggle alongside her. Before long, almost everyone in the carriage is caught in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

    The display of group behaviour has made headlines in Germany and England, with more than one million people viewing the YouTube video since it was first posted online.

    It was not clear if the person recording the video knew what was about to take place .

    Contagious laughter grips German train
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