Conservatives and Democrat leadership has screwed cndn intelligence.

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    For Public Safety.

    This is my detailed description of how the slave-ring I discovered in Ontario, Canada operates, they gave me nothing, I beat up a few.They were arrogant and ignorant to actualy deny me a legal prostitute, I lost my temper slightly and put my plan into action sourounded by assholes and goofs, was found guilty of 1 count of Criminal Mischief, and 3 Counts of Assault, 1 Assault Charge with a Deadly Weapon, I used a Carpenters Hammer, and enjoyed putting some of them in pain. The original combined charges were Break and Enter, Criminal Mischief, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Attempted Murder, Uttering Death Threats and about a half dozen Assault Charges. There was also a bar fight I started at a diner/bar in town 1 year before in the same area that was never reported as I threatened the whole area with brutality and violence, myself, the "street slang" the way they do it, so I seemed "undetected".
    They couldn't prove any except Criminal Mischief, and 3 Counts of Assault as stated above, the other charges were "dropped".
    The ring starts at basic crime level with murdering families that have "attractive children" because they know they can sell them easiest, and then adopting them into adoption families that they already have "rapist and pedophile" coleagues waiting for fresh new faces and vaginas to rape. The ones that witness the murders are ussualy put into witness protection and they have "rapists and pedophiles" in those organizations
    The next way includes fraud and counterfeit fake Identification producers, that look young, they register at High Schools all around Ontario to get close to young volnerable girls and get them hooked on drugs and alcohol, and repeat rape and beat them into being there legal or underage illegal prostitute slaves by trapping them in with fear and pain.
    The nest step is when they get to "working age" if they haven't already givin them an Identification switch so there legal age by ID Cards, they put them into workplaces using there "rapist pedophile" people and take turns on them so it does not even look like prostitution or relationships.
    The next horrific part of the slave-ring I discoverd after my sentencing and incarceration in a Maximum Security Provincial Prison, I noticed one female who was arrested and put into Prison I rememberd her from a Bar I use to frequent for a beverage once in a while, I used to also work there as a cook. I walked by the bar after my 6 month sentence, and looked inside and they either placed her back inside or replaced her with there new slave.

    *****When Incarcerated there was word of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and a Canadian branch of the Canadian Military called "Research Branch" watching through the prison cameras and "jerking off", "masturbating", and "cheering" while people were getting beaten and rape-tortured, brain washing and mind harrassing females being torture raped in the prisons, if the Guards try to stop it the two branches described above attack them.
    The research branch itself was caught on camera by a secret intelligence agency cheering during the attacks of 9/11. which is part of the video were they caught rape-tortures in the prisons so they were ashamed and could not report the video.
    That action screwed Canada's Sovernty, and crippled canadian intelligence.

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