Congress rakes up Vajpayee’s Rajdharma remark post Gujarat riots

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    Congress rakes up Vajpayee’s Rajdharma remark post 2002 Gujarat riots to take on Modi

    If Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri are the Congressmen who Narendra Modi has used during his campaign for Lok Sabha elections, Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the face from the BJP that the Congress party has used to attack the Opposition’s PM candidate.

    On its website, the Congress party has posted an article referring to the concerns raised by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the 2002 Gujarat riots. The writeup on the Congress website talks about Vajpayee’s belief that the BJP would lose its credibility if action was not taken against Modi.

    It also mentions a statement by Vajpayee: “Some people wanted to remove him. I was of the same opinion.”

    The writeup further says that Jaswant Singh, who was recently expelled from the BJP, had also confirmed the concerns of Vajpayee over Modi’s failure to prevent the Gujarat riots.

    It further says, “The fundamental cause of Shri Vajpayee’s pain was that Shri Modi didn’t perform his Rajdharma. He did not fulfil his fundamental duty as the chief minister: protecting the lives of the people of Gujarat. Towards the last ebb of the Gujarat riots, Shri Vajpayee urged Shri Modi to “observe Rajdharma and not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or religion”. It is evident that Shri Vajpayee believed that the Gujarat CM had been not only inept but downright partisan in his handling of the riots.”

    In the end of the writeup, the Congress has questioned how people can trust someone who “failed to protect his citizens” to become the Prime Minister of the country. It also points that Vajpayee’s niece Karuna Shukla was also forced to quit the party and join the Congress, and even Jaswant Singh, a close aide of Vajpayee, was moved out of the party.

    The writeup has also attacked BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, terming him as an adversary of Vajpayee, even accusing him of “masterminding the downfall of the Vajpayee government”.

    This writeup has been posted by the Congress party days after an old video of a press conference by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with Modi by his side, went viral on social media. In the video, Vajpayee is seen advising the Gujarat Chief Minister to follow “Raj dharma”, and Modi intervenes at the end of the statement, claiming he is doing the same.

    Here’s the video of the press conference:

    Congress rakes up Vajpayee’s Rajdharma remark post 2002 Gujarat riots to take on Modi | The Indian Express


    Just shows how desperate the Congress Party has become.

    This Rajdharma is an old hat. All know of it.

    It is a truism that all Govts must protect their citizens.

    An d yet, each Govt of all political parties have repeatedly failed to protect its citizens.

    Modi is not the only one who has failed.

    Riots are rife in India. The Congress, SP, BJP et al have failed to protect its citizens.

    What's new?

    But great for injecting fear to get rid of own fear of being decimated at the hustings!

    eh Congress?
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    Talk about 10 years post Godhara riots and 50 years pre Godhara riots....Well, people will do math.
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    Congress getting desperate in its attempts to stop Modi - first his child bride and now `raj dharma`...
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    Bjp should dig out info abt fake gandhis,their family,indira,nehru aliss and put it on their website.
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    Hours after Modi's acknowledgement that she is his wife, Jashodaben leaves on a pilgrimage to pray for his success.

    Jashodaben, 62, whom the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi acknowledged as his wife on Thursday for the first time, is hopeful that one day he will seek her forgiveness and take her home.

    Talking to Mumbai Mirror in Brahmanvada village in Mehsana taluka, Jashodaben's brothers Kamleshbhai and Ashokbhai said that she prays for Modi every day and wants to see him become the prime minister.

    "Thursday (when Modi filed his nomination in Vadodara and wrote Jashodaben's name in the 'married to' column) was the second most happiest day in Jashodaben's life. The first was the day she got married in 1967," said Kamleshbhai, the younger of Jashodaben's two brothers. "My sister is very happy that her husband has formally acknowledged her as his wife."

    After her retirement as a primary school teacher about four-and-a-half years ago, Jashodaben now helps the elder of her two brothers, Ashokbhai, run a grocery shop named Modi General Store in Unjha, 5 km from Brahmanvada. Kamleshbhai works in an isabgol processing unit in Brahmanvada.

    Jashodaben, the brothers said, prides herself in being an ideal Indian wife. "She has taken a vow not to wear footwear, eat rice or have tea (her favourite beverage) till her husband becomes the prime minister of India," said Ashokbhai.

    On Thursday morning, Kamleshbhai's house was packed with family members and neighbours, all huddled in front of the TV to watch news updates on Modi. Seetaben, Kamleshbhai's wife, told this reporter: "You must visit us again on May 16. I'll keep sweets ready for you. Modibhai is going to become the prime minister and there is no doubt about it."

    An excited Kamleshbhai said he is proud to be associated with a man who has touched such heights. "From an ordinary 18-year-old, who came to the village to marry my 17-year-old sister, Modibhai went on to become the CM of Gujarat. Today, he is one of the most powerful and influential men in Asia. The entire nation is witness to his meteoric rise and we are proud of him. We have no grudges against him," he said.

    Kamleshbhai took Mirror to the spot where he said the family had erected a mandap to solemnise the Jashoda-Modi marriage about 45 years ago. At 63, Jashodaben still blushes when Modi's name is mentioned, villagers said.

    Kamleshbhai said Jashodaben keeps a photograph of a young Modi in her religious texts. She wakes up at 4 am, takes a bath and visits the temple. She does not have food without feeding the cows.

    Villagers said she makes it a point to greet everyone on her way to the temple every morning. "She has no airs about being Modi's wife," said a villager.

    She was seen on Thursday morning in her usual happy mood, but slightly more exuberant after television channels flashed the news of Modi acknowledging her as his wife.

    The family said that she was so happy that she wanted to leave for a pilgrimage immediately. They said she left for Dwarka in the morning and is likely to visit Badrinath, Puri and Rameswaram to pray for Modi, who deserted her just months after their marriage.

    "My sister's 45-year-old penance has paid off. She used to feel bad when people refused to believe that she was Modi's wife," Ashokbhai said. Similar sentiments were echoed by Digamber Parmar, 75, who said he had attended the marriage and had lunch with the couple's families.

    However, there is ambiguity about how long the marriage lasted. In past interviews, Jashodaben has said the marriage lasted more than three years and that she lived with Modi for over three months. "He came home on and off and one night just walked away calling off the marriage, saying he wanted to travel and do bigger things in life," she had told Gujarati language magazine Abhiyan.

    Narendra Modi's family insists it was a child marriage. "Our parents were poor and uneducated. Back then child marriages were the norm. Parents failed to see Narendrabhai's extraordinary personality and ambition. His marriage should not be considered an issue now because it is a four-decade-old story," said Somabhai Patel, his brother."

    In the past, Jashodaben has said they parted ways amicably and she understood his compulsions to leave her.

    Sources claim that Modi consulted Arun Jaitley on acknowledging his marriage after keeping mum over it for nearly 45 years. Being an RSS pracharak, Modi was supposed to remain unmarried and a celibate.

    Jashodaben has no aspiration to share her husband's limelight. Till 2004, she lived in a rented house which did not even have a toilet. She bathed outside her modest one-room house for which she paid a monthly rent of Rs 150.

    She also has no plans to go to New Delhi if Modi does not wish so. Instead, the family said, she will wait till her last breath for Modi to return.

    What kept her going all these years were the predictions of several astrologers she had consulted. All of them told her that her husband would one day acknowledge her as his wife.

    In the past too, Jashodaben has been categorical about not seeking a part in Modi's life. Her brothers said she believes that being a wife is much more important than being a famous or rich person's wife. "While she feels hurt then she was abandoned, she has not harboured any ill will towards Modi. She will wait till her last day for Modi to ask her to come and live with him," said a family member who did not wish to be quoted.

    ‘Jashoda’s 45-yr-long penance over at last’ - Mumbai Mirror
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    Seems like the ^^^admin is on overdrive and desperation mode:rofl:. Spamming each thread with unrelated things. Can it be stopped please?
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    Now about this issue, what Vajpayee actually said and what the Congress and our media is telling us is a big lie.

    Vajpayee said "Modi needs to follow Rajdharma." And then took a pause followed by "And I am sure this is what he is doing."

    Our MSM and pseudo secularists are only showing the first part and ignoring the actual and complete statement.

    A purposefully created manipulation.
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    Its but natural for most normal people to be unable to digest that a person could be driven by a nationalist motive to the extent that he gives up family. I mean normal people would not give up their bootlace, how would they be able to wrap their heads around this?
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