Congress nominates dead leader for Kashmir poll panel

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    INS Arihant
    Perhaps the Congress party in Jammu and Kashmir is yet to come out of the shock from the defeat in the Indian parliamentary elections.
    In a bizarre decision, the Congress party has chosen a dead political leader as a member in the panel to to shortlist and select candidates for the forth coming Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
    Senior Congress leader Chaudhry Mohammad Aslam breathed his last this year in June but surprisingly the order copy issued by Congress High Command and signed by Congress president Sonia Gandhi has Aslam as a member to select the candidates from Congress party for Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. The gaffe has caused discomfort to his family.

    "This clearly indicates the widening gap between party top brass and common workers. The people who are at the helm of affairs in Congress party are ignorant about ground situation and they even don't know who is who in the party at State level," one of the relatives of Aslam said, adding that it is shocking that Congress High Command doesn't know about a person (Chaudhry Mohammad Aslam) who sacrificed his life for the party.

    A Congress leader said that it was a typo error, which should not be taken so seriously.

    Pertinently, Aslam was the Congress legislative party (CLP) leader when he died in June this year. Surprisingly, even when Congress party corrected the press note, they just removed Aslam's name, but retained CLP leader, little knowing that after Aslam's departure, nobody has been yet nominated as CLP leader in Jammu and Kashmir assembly.
    Aslam who hailed from Poonch remained J&K Pradesh Congress Committee chief for 17 years. He was 70 at the time of his death.

    Congress nominates dead leader for Kashmir poll panel - Latest Kashmir News & Analysis - - Kashmir Dispatch
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    " Sacrificed his life for the party " :lol: Embarrassing situation for state unit.

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