Congress Goon who disrupted IAC Press Meet linked to Gandhis

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    Congress Goon who disrupted IAC Press Meet linked to Gandhis

    New Delhi: The India Against Corruption on Friday released a series of photographs to show that the man who disrupted IAC leader Arvind Kejriwal's press conference on Wednesday had links with the Gandhi family.

    The photograph showed the man, identified as Jagadish Sharma, present with the Gandhi family at various events. The IAC said that in "such circumstances, any attack on IAC activists would have to be presumed to be at the behest of the Congress if unless the contrary is proved."

    During the press meet, Kejriwal and co-activist and senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan released documents pointing to a nexus between the government and Reliance Industries Limited. Amid the allegations, Sharma disrupted the press conference and asked Kejriwal as to why he and his wife were not transferred for last 20 years during his service as an Indian Revenue Services (IRS) officer.

    "I want to ask why you and your wife were never transferred out of Delhi," he asked. Sharma, who did not identify himself then, kept insisting that he was "alone" and not backed by anyone, was immediately surrounded by Kejriwal's supporters. Sharma then shouted out loudly that "Kejriwal and company are fooling the country". Some of his supporters started shouting anti-Kejriwal slogans. They were promptly evicted by IAC supporters.

    Reacting to a question on Sharma, Kejriwal said he already knew that such kind of thing would take place. He said, "We knew this kind of thing will take place, we are raising voice against big powers…these are expected things." Kejriwal, resuming his speech, said the interruption was "deliberate and planned".
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    Like him Gandhi family bootlickers are threatening IAS officer Mr. Khemka, same were rioting in 1984.

    Having pet dogs in India is a easy and Slavery is in the blood of its people.
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