Cong worried Rahul attack on BJP may lead to polarization

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    Cong worried Rahul attack on BJP may lead to polarization

    NEW DELHI: As Rahul Gandhi stepped up his attack on the BJP blaming it squarely for communal violence, worry seems to be growing in Congress whether it will contribute to communal polarization that they feel could work to the advantage of the saffron outfit.

    Rahul's speeches in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh over the past 24 hours marked an escalation in the attack on the BJP for "engineering" communal violence for its partisan purpose. Given that the Hindutva outfit is Congress's main opponent in poll-bound Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi, this was only to be expected.

    However, many in the party wondered whether he should have nuanced his remarks in order to deny BJP an opening to hurl the "appeasement "charge at the Congress vice-president.

    Addressing election meetings in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh over the past 24 hours, Rahul not only blamed the BJP for communal violence but also said that the riots had rendered Muslims vulnerable to be poached by terrorists and the ISI.

    "Even if the substance of what he said about BJP's communal agenda is correct, the formulation could have been more cautious. There is a risk of the remarks getting distorted by the BJP allege that he was blaming only one community," said a senior Congress source.

    BJP had sharply reacted to Rahul's allegation about them being the choreographer of communal conflagration at Muzaffarnagar by saying that it marked that Gandhi-Nehru family had now directly joined the appeasement game.

    Congress has always been divided over how to tackle the threat from BJP, with a strong section feeling that the party can afford to practice "muscular" secularism of the kind preferred by Left or "secular" satraps like Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh only at the risk of alienating Hindus.

    Some of Congress sources admitted that Rahul's speech may appear to diverge from the calibrated line that the party prefers.

    Cong worried Rahul attack on BJP may lead to polarization - The Times of India


    It is good that the Congress Party is realising that Rahul Gandhi emotional, disjointed, family oriented praise and whining for sympathy and foolish statements that the Congress will give them a full chapati, ISI weaning Muslims et al is in actuality shooting the Congress Party in the foot!

    Modi at Jhansi ripped through Rahul Gandhi like a knife over butter.

    The situation appears dark and dismal.

    Yet, there is a ray of hope - it is still not too late in the day to change tack and get down to brasstacks enuncating policy, development and what has been done so far in a straight forward, non emotion and schoolboyish way.

    To start with the speech writer of Rahul Gandhi and his advisors should be sacked and mature and knowledgeable people replacing them.

    Spokesperson like Renuka Choudri, Soorjewala, Sanjay Jha, Yagnik and that failed Congress Opposition leader of Gujarat who could not win the election, should be immediately replaced since they come out like Soviet Union spokesmen parroting inanity in debates and coming out looking as if they are afraid to address issues and instead obfuscate with irrelevance, It is good that the nasal Poonawalla who is also a jack int he box has been mothballed for the moment.

    If one is to project one's image and address issues, then they should copy the manner in which AAP's Yogendra Yadav addresses issue with total honesty and even admitting errors!

    In this last few years where dishonesty had ridden a new high, the people are looking for honesty and not fabrication and obfuscation.

    In fact, the manner in which AAP is interacting with the masses (I heard an NDTV show) they are coming out honest and are also giving out their plans should they come to power and those plans appeal since it involves the people and that empowers the public with instruments that hold the politicians and Govt accountable to the people.

    Indeed, one interesting issue that was raised was that Laloo is accused of embezzlement of about :INR: 940 crore (equivalent to INR20 billion or US$300 million in 2013).

    He will at best spend 07 Years in jail and be fined :inr: 25 Lakhs.

    In other words apart from the :inr: 25 Lakhs, every paisa embezzled became his and without any liabilties.

    The APP said that the Lokpal Bill that they have suggested would ensure that not only the sum embezzled would be recovered, but the penalty would be to fine four times that sum so that the person is left penniless and destitute for life.

    Now that appeals!
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    Congis are doing the same they have been doing since their foundation, beating the Hindus with stick of secularism to further their own power.
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    Pseudo-secularists is the word. Tonight on Aap ki Adalat, Madani revealed that Sonia Gandhi has a list of the congress ministers who were also responsible for the 2002 Gujarat riots.

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