Confident Congress not to rest on its laurels

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    There you go with the Cong. No sooner did they taste success than they go mad with kaun banega mukhya mantri thing.


    BANGALORE: Congress is confident that the mood set by civic polls in Karnataka would hold till assembly elections in April, assured by the failure of BJP and JD(S) to influence the outcome despite pushing "resources" in the last leg of campaign.

    The robust show is seen as evidence that corruption and price rise, that dominated national discourse over two years, have not turned the urban centres irreversibly against Congress and continue to be influenced by local issues.

    Insiders argue the trend seen on Monday questions the assumption that Congress is on the backfoot in urban areas nationally. While the leadership expected good results, there were apprehensions in the last days when "rush of resources" from the ruling party as well as JD(S) surprised Congress ranks. The localised nature of contest made some of them to doubt the anticipated outcome.

    AICC general secretary Madhusudan Mistry said, that 32% voters cast the vote in these polls. "It can be viewed as a trend (for assembly polls)."

    The sustained anti-BJP sentiment has bolstered Congress hopes for assembly contest but not without raising worries that it may trigger advance jostling for CM's post, a recipe for many a disaster.

    The state Congress is packed with heavyweights and former CMs, starting with union ministers Veerappa Moily, Mallikarjuna Kharge, KH Muniappa, while CLP leader Siddaramaiah and PCC chief G Parmeshwar are obvious hopefuls.

    According to sources, managers have been instructed to take "special care" to ensure that civic poll victory does not spoil the party. "We will not be complacent though we did very well," a leader said.
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    What are its laurel? defeats in UP, Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar. Lost all the seats in a muslim town in Gujarat!!

    Yes, they will not rest.
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    The Congress' confidence comes as a flash in the pan.

    I wonder why they did not display this confidence by good campaigning in the Gujarat local election so that they did not lose hands down to eat crow when Muslim majority areas where swept by the BJP.

    In Karnataka locals they crow and in the Gujarat locals they eat crow!


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