Communal Harmony Yatra from Ayodhya reaching Nizamuddin Dargah Sunday

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    Communal Harmony Yatra from Ayodhya reaching Nizamuddin Dargah Sunday |

    New Delhi: Spreading the message of peace and communal harmony, the Second Communal Harmony Yatra from Ayodhya to Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin is reaching Delhi Sunday morning (16 Oct.) covering a distance of 490 kms by land.

    The yatra is led by Ayodhya’s famous mahant Yugal Kishor Shastri who last year took out a similar yatra from Ayodhya to Sewagram in Wardha to promote harmony and brotherly relations between various communities. “The purpose of the yatra is to abolish fascism, communalism and untouchability and to promote peace, unity and brotherhood among people and in society,” said Shah Alam, one of the organizers of the yatra.

    About 20 persons from various parts of the country are accompanying Yugal Kishor Shastri in this mass contact movement which involves conferences, street & press meets and contacting people, especially youth, along the route.

    Organisations taking part in this yatra are Communalism Combat (Teesta Sitalvad), Vishwa Yuva Sadbhawana Parishad (Seshnath Dubey), Asha Parivar (Sandeep Pandey), Ayodhya Ki Awaj (Yugal Kishore Saran Shastri), Milli Gazette (Zafarul-Islam Khan), Sarvdharm Sadbhav Kendra Trust (Zafar Saifullah), Confederation of Voluntary Association – Kova (Mazehar Hussain), Jamaat-e Islami Hind (Mohammad Ahmad), Rashtriya Yuva Sangathan (Kumar Prashant), Center for Study and Secularism - CCSS (Asagar Ali Engineer) and Centre for Human Rights & Social Welfare (Saroj Khan), etc.

    The yatra started at Ayodhya on 11 October with a number of programmes. It reached Lucknow on 12 October, Sitapur on 13 October, Shahjahanpur on 15 October, and passing through Morabad it is arriving Delhi tomorrow morning.

    In Delhi, it will pay tributes with other participants and people to the soul of Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.

    A dialogue on communal harmony will be held at 11 am at BN Pandey Hall, the Gandhi Darshan Samiti at Rajghat, in which various organizations working for communal harmony will take part.

    A press conference will be held at the Einstein Hall at Gandhi Samriti, Rajghat, at 3.40 pm same day (Sunday, 16 October).

    The concluding function and the major event in Delhi will be held at 11 am next day, Monday, 17 October at Gandhi Peace Foundation at ITO, Delhi, where important personalities and speakers from around the country will speak and interact with the people to put across the message of the yatra. Speakers will include Teesta Setalvad, Asghar Ali Engineer and Yugal Kishor Shastri.
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    This is so sweet. I wish all people in India thought in the same frequency. Kudos to the participants and the organisers.

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