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    Ashdoc's history lesson---Story of Sambhaji in short

    sambhaji maharaj was the elder son of shivaji ,founder of the maratha empire.

    his mother ,saibai ,died in childbirth.

    his stepmother ,soyrabai , wanted her son ,that is shivaji's second son ,rajaram ,to become king of marathas.

    the machinations of soyrabai made sambhaji's life hell ,and he revolted against shivaji and went into the mughal camp.

    but the mughals plotted to arrest him ,and he came back to shivaji.

    after shivaji's death there was civil war between him and soyrabai ,but he eventually won ,and became king.

    soyrabai was arrested .but continued to plot to kill sambhaji from jail.

    finally sambhaji had her executed by poisoning.

    soyrabai partial historians would like to have us believe that she was killed by crushing her under an elephant ,but that accusation has been proved to be untrue.

    inspite of the fact that soyrabai had plotted to make rajaram king , sambhaji treated his stepbrother kindly and allowed him to live in comfort.

    as ruler he proved to be hotheaded ,and many of shivajis old courtiers fell out with him.

    he fell into the influence of kavi kalush , a brahmin from kanauj in UP ,and began to turn to him for advice.

    this antagonised many marathas against him further.

    when he was camped in sangameshwar in konkan , some of his enemies in maratha camp gave information of his whereabouts to aurangzeb.

    mughal forces made a lightening raid on his camp and captured him and his wife and son along with kavi kalash.

    the two were paraded as clowns and fools bell were attached to the dunce caps they were forced to wear.

    aurangeb then asked him to convert to islam ,on pain of a brutal death.

    he haden't reckoned with the spirit of sambhaji........the chavva ( son of a lion ).

    sambhaji openly abused the prophet mohammad,and asked for the hand of aurangzebs daughter in marraige ...........thus virtually inviting a gory death.

    his tongue was chopped , his eyes were removed by putting burning hot pincers being put in them, his skin was flayed while he still was alive ,and his body was chopped limb to limb before being fed to the dogs.

    but aurangzeb was mistaken......

    by inviting and stoically putting up with such a horrible death , sambhaji had done what he coudn't achieve in life.......

    he had become a hero......

    all the disunited marathas came together to take revenge for the brutal murder of their gallant king.

    aurangzeb continued his efforts to conquer maharashtra.

    this led to 25 years of some of the most savage fighting india has ever seen......

    ultimately the marathas drove out the mughals fron their lands.

    aurangzeb ,who had started 25 years ago from the north to invade the south , could never return home.

    he died a broken man at khuldabad in maharashtra.

    according to a historian ,'' the deccan became the grave of his ambitions as well as his body.......''.

    the marathas went on to invade the mughal empire after his death.

    the high point weas reached when they captured peshawar in the north west frontier ,after crossing the indus river at attock.

    '' the deccan horse had slaked their thirst in the waters of the indus !!!!!!! ''
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