Cold Start: A Pakistani perspective

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    good find, they can't explain how tactical nukes end up as strategic nukes and what will happen next ?

    Then they were forced to do full spectrum deterrence, as the tactical nukes have failed to stop CDS.

    as i always says that Pak doctrine stop at nuking India and ours start when nukes are attacked on India.

    Looks like some cool headed Generals suddenly found that if they use tactical nukes on their own land against our armor, we will respond with Strategic nukes and they will lose game early. Other questions also comes into play, as they have got less than 10 targets, rest is all tactical targets. So Pakistan is at very sticky wicket, they on the one hand has bluf about the using tactical nukes at the same time, when they actually figure out that it will only escalate to level which they don't want to go, plus if India went there first, then they really dont have stand a chance. As it would be better for Pak to thrown all nukes at us at the first sign, rather than first use tactical and wait for India respond, then they wont have much to left to use the strategic nukes.

    Next is the fact that they were already forced to change their doctrine three times, from minimum credible deterrence, to Credible minimum and now to full spectrum deterrence, this shows there flawed policy since 1998.

    Also the fact that they don't have budgetary resources to spend at pars with us, we have budget of $ 54 billion and there spending is $ 8 billions, Just for records total budget for 2016 was only 41 billion, which actually means that what we are spending on defence they were spending on entire country. :pound:

    Now here is where the actual game is played, first our nukes have made them to spend on nukes, Then our missiles are made them to spend on missiles, then our BMD and CDS has forced them to change there nuclear doctrine thrice, now they need, nuke sub, BMD, ASAT, etc.....................:rofl: So they are trapped into vicious circle, from which they cannot escape, we just have to put them follow us, without any actual war, just keep them following us and they will "crumble under its own weight".
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    I like the simple tactic that modi's guys are working out is shutting off their water and scrapping indus water treaty, if an terrorist attack take place just divert or stop water and let them attack our dams first which will make them look as aggressor and then use airforce to strike them hard without even setting a foot in Pakistan soil. it's a plan that will take few years to build dams but it's worth it I guess.

    And there is no way pakistani are going to use Nuke, India will never allow to escalate war till that level/
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    Bottom of the Andaman sea planting mines for PLAN
    Here is what will happen:-
    1. The Pakistan-based terror organisations carry out a major terror strike in India (successful in their 200th attempt at breaching our layers of security).
    2. India responds by neutralizing said terrorists and shutting of water supply to Pakistan.
    3. As our reservoirs swell, the Porkis will go cry to the international community (who will ignore them: As you sow shall you reap)
    4. With our reservoirs full to the brim, we'll open flood gates without warning.
    5. Pakistan first suffering from draught will now suffer from floods.
    6. After the floods are over, they'll suffer from food shortage (and maybe another draught seeing as they don't have dams in their country).
    7. At the end of this crisis (crisis in Pakistan), our PM will call Porki PM and ask if he would like to repeat the experience. If not, he had better start a crackdown on the terrorist A-holes responsible for the terror attacks.
    8. Porkis will buckle under pressure and cooperate with our investigation (if not after the first draught-flood cycle, then after multiple cycles).

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